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    There is a way to see what the player has done in both supremacy1914 and supremacy1. In fact, they are the same.

    1st. go to the player's country

    2nd, click on info

    3ed, click on the person icon at the top right of the screen, it will say service record

    After you have clicked on it, it will take you back to the home screen with most of the player's information.

    I got this idea after I played "Empire Earth 1", a game that was made in 2001.

    So in Empire Earth, the AI will send the player messages whenever the player does something like build a wonder of the world; a major event in Empire Earth. My idea is that when a player gets something like the biggest army, which can be seen in the news, the player receives a message from one of his or hers AI allies.

    For example, some of the messages that the player with the largest economy could receive from their AI ally is "Your economy is impressive." Or "You are out producing all other nations. No one can stop us." Just scripted messages for in-game events like that.

    By having the AI send messages, the elite AI could become an interactive AI. An interactive AI like that could be a great thing for all of Bytro's games. There are also many possibilities of what the AI could say to the player.

    Note I do not mean the AI responding to messages, just the AI sending messages to the player. An AI that can really respond to a player is too far ahead.

    So I tried to go to the game that I was in, which was a 1917: Flanders Front match, and it says "Action could not be processed by server."

    What does that mean? I know Supremany1 is still going through a bug problem, but all new games do. What should I do?

    First, you misquoted Sun Tzu, he wrote "In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity.”

    Second, I would like to know more about the alliance. It seems like it would be a good alliance, but there is just not enough information about it. What will the name be? Will it have its own forum? Are there any rules to join? And many more questions.

    Good luck with the alliance, Darren. I will think about it.