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    The rate at which a player captures enemy provinces has NOTHING to do with the expansion penalty, it still adds up,

    -9 for every province captured or revolt.

    When a player has been in FARM mode for 2 weeks, taking only 2 provinces, then suddenly at day change, has 5 more, due to revolts, and thus a -35 hit on morale, nothing can be done to rectify that situation, except maybe just quit.

    Defeating AI units does count towards the Military Rank score.

    The K/D ratios are still kept separately for players and AI.

    For some reason the 'score' totals in the K/D menus do not add up to

    the total in the military rank menu?

    Posting this merely for the amusement of the other 4 user's that attend this forum.

    A so called "Elite" AI attacks a large group of tanks with a combined force of:

    4 balloons,

    2 scouts,

    1 spy,

    1 flame thrower, and

    4 conscripts.

    They didn't last long.

    The daily upkeep averages about 7% of the initial costs.

    To repair a unit from 50 to 90 percent HP takes 11 days, costing 77% of the initial purchase price.

    So you pay 77% to gain 40% HP.

    Sound like a good deal to you?

    Not worth keeping, send them to die!

    Between the slow heal rate (something like 1/7th to 1/5th per day),

    and the fact that low hit point units continue to consume all resources at full rate,

    there is a severe downside to retaining damaged units.

    Expansion seems to be capped at -100.

    In four remaining games, there are no longer any 'at war with' penalties shown.

    Maximum observed 'distance to capitol' penalty: -40.

    Some 'neighbors' penalties exceed -60.

    Please post any similar observations.

    I see more potential in S1 than most of the other games in this series:

    1. the introduction of open roads makes maneuver a more significant factor,

    2. maximum rank limits, especially good on the tutorials.

    3. adding AAA, even tho not historically accurate, gives an additional counter to enemy air.

    S1 is more about managing popularity and morale than about tactics and logistics.

    Popularity drops from 73 to 16 overnight, with NO wars.

    Expansion penalties of -100, distance to capital -50, neighbors -45!

    nearly impossible!

    It must be the case that killing AI units counts for ranking.

    I assume this based on the displayed total score, which is far greater

    than the PvP score, since there are so few players in the 9 games I have joined.


    20 player Veterans map.

    Zero team mates,

    Zero opponents.

    doomed to play against the pre-programmed enemies?

    or just archive the game?

    Watching carefully:

    Captured ONE province, expansion penalty increased by 9.

    Since province morale and country popularity are such crucial factors in this game,

    would be good to have more info on how they are calculated.

    In two games, the expansion penalty seems to have been replaced with

    huge distance to capital penalties.

    There are cases where the morale trend is 'rising', when the day to day change is negative.

    The 'distance to capital' is measure in days, not distance, and seems to be based on a slow turtle march.