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    Sad day for long term players.. It is now official to get the 'exclusive' content you now need to move to the mobile platform. Is this the beginning of the end for PC players I wonder.

    The phrasing in the annoucement might have been misleading. Right now, push notifications are an exclusive feature for mobile because it's a very common feature for mobile apps. Even if you do not actively play S1914 on mobile you can still install the app (once it's out globally) and rely on those notifications to alert you about in-game events.

    That being said we are currently exploring the options to bring those notifications to PC players as well. This would take the form of web push notifications delivered through your browser.


    Dear generals,

    Christmas comes early this year! As the next step of our Supremacy 1914 - The Great War overhaul we are happy to announce that Supremacy 1914 Mobile is celebrating its global release as a web app today. It can be played by anyone through the browser on mobile phones. Simply open your phone’s browser and go to In addition, we are releasing the game as a native Android app in this first step in the Polish Google Play store.

    The app features an interface optimized for mobile touch devices and therefore exclusively supports the new map view. Mobile players will also enjoy a number of exclusive features like an in-game event log and push notifications about events like war declarations etc. If you, however, prefer to play the desktop version on your mobile device simply “switch to desktop mode” in the in-game settings.

    Meanwhile, we have been listening to your feedback about the new map look and have addressed some of the most important issues in today’s update. This includes the size and positioning of UI elements as well as country color saturation and more. We have also drastically decreased memory usage of the new map view to improve performance & stability across devices. (For details check the list below.)

    Finally, we have fixed a large number of bugs throughout the game as well as in our speed round events. Due to the popularity of these rounds we have also introduced a new 4x speed tutorial mode as the default starting scenario for new users! This will give new players the opportunity to learn all aspects of the game in a faster and action packed game round. Experienced players are still allowed to join these maps as well - please be nice to our newest community members and help them out where you can!

    We encourage you to check our Supremacy 1914 mobile app in your phones browser on and provide us with feedback. We will continue to work on missing features and improvements before releasing the app globally for iOS and Android devices early in 2019. You can already pre-register for the app on the Google Play store.

    Your Supremacy 1914 team

    List of all changes:

    (1) S1914 app release for mobile browsers worldwide and in the Polish Play Store

    (2) Map - Performance and usability improvements:

    - Improved performance and stability of the new map rendering by drastically reducing memory usage

    - Increased visibility of sea points.

    - Improved visibility of unit position indicator

    - Improved visibility and positioning of resource icons across zoom levels

    - Adjusted city label size

    - Increased size of capital flags

    - Decreased size of unit flags and unit class icons

    - Increased saturation of country colors

    - Removed coastal wave animation for better visibility

    - The attack timer icon is now also displayed for ranged units for a better combat overview

    - Removed the faulty ranged attack arrow artifacts that sometimes remained when combat was already over

    - Removed large direction pointer icon (when issuing unit commands)

    (3) UI Fixes:

    - Fixed the diplomacy menu always showing the oldest messages first.

    - Fixed newspaper jumping back to top when new entries were being loaded.

    - Fixed active spies not showing on the map in Espionage mode.

    - Fixed the "kick member" button not being shown in the alliance member list.

    - Fixed unit details showing wrong speeds.

    - Fixed missing game admin functions (e.g. kick inactive) for in-game map admins.

    (4) Speed map fixes:

    - The combat icon timers now show the correct progression from unfilled to filled.

    - The correct time values are shown for speeding up production.

    - Real life dates and times are now displayed for diplomacy messages and newspaper articles instead of the sped-up ingame dates.

    - The production menu now shows the correct build times after a production is started.

    (5) Release of new S1914 tutorial map (with speed factor)

    Does this mean that even human player's starting point are conquerable now in this Dominion mode event map? :huh:

    Yes. The only thing taken from the Dominion mode is the victory condition. The starting provinces are conquerable just as in any other map.



    Pack your warmest clothes and bring your toughest men! In this exclusive event map wealthy industrialists are exploiting the resources of Antarctica and trying to establish their own state. As sovereign of your empire you cannot allow that.

    Your mission: Conquer and hold two of three Control Points for four ingame days to expel the competitors and claim Antarctica’s treasures (50,000 Goldmark)! This exclusive map is only available for joining during the sign-up period. Apart from the Dominion mode victory conditions it features special resource hotspots on the map for which players can compete.

    What will be your strategy? Will you secure the Control Points for an early victory or will you fight for the valuable resource hotspots to sustain your army? Decide wisely and strike fast - before the cold strikes back!

    Event details:

    - sign-up period: 2018/12/14 11.00 uur CET - 2018/12/28 11.00 uur CET

    - 2x speed

    - All provinces conquerable

    - No coalitions

    - Winner receives 50000 Goldmark

    - random country selection

    - starts-when-full

    - AI & human player peace period of 24 real-life hours

    Your Supremacy 1914 team

    Thanks for the reports. This seems to be a bug that occurs when you reload the game/refresh the page just before the "click on the advisor icon" task in the tutorial. Unfortunately, there is not easy workaround for you, so I suggest joining a new game round instead while we work on a fix.

    Thank you all for your constructive criticism and thought-through feedback. We are ready to tweak the current implementation of the new map view in various regards and we rely on your feedback. While it will not be possible to please everyone our goal is of course to make the game visually appealing AND easily playable. If the current map view doesn't strike this balance yet, we will have to readjust.


    Dear generals,

    we are happy to announce that the new version of Supremacy 1914 will go live for all players today! This release marks the first of three milestones for the next step in the evolution of the game. Today's update hints at the things to come by featuring a completely reworked community area, a beautiful new map view and an exciting new 3D rendering technology!

    While you explore all the new features, we would like to share our long-term vision for the game with you as well: In the next step we want to go full cross-platform with S1914, finally bringing the game to Android phones later this year, followed in early 2019 by iOS devices and leading PC gaming platform Steam. The third and final stage will be reached in mid-2019 with a major content and feature update. It will finalize the game’s rebirth in the version which we call the "Supremacy 1914 - The Great War" update and make the game ready for the future.

    The S1914 community has been loyal to our game for a very long time. With the upcoming features we want to reward your loyalty and give the game and its players all the love they deserve. This is why we also encourage you to give feedback to our plans and - more importantly - to today's update. We are still tweaking many aspects of the new look and are ready to hear your feedback. So don’t hesitate to get in touch via the forum, chat or through our support ticket system. If you encounter problems with the new map view you can still access the old view by clicking on the "play in legacy mode" button in the game details.

    We are really excited about what lies ahead of us. If you are as well, head over to the Google Play store and pre-register for S1914 Mobile today!

    Your Supremacy 1914 team

    if you have more than 1 unit, it shows the total numer of units, but if you have just 1 it doesnt show the number

    This is actually done on purpose. With all those scouting infs being scattered on an average S1914 map the army stack infos would just clutter the whole screen. That's why we decided to remove the counter for this case only.

    Thank you for that comprehensive list! What we fixed / are about to fix:

    - Roads are too thin and scale down too much when one zooms out (visibility). => DONE

    • Too much whitespace in the new chat bow, lines can be way closer together. => DONE

    • Transparency in PNG images doesn't work as profile pic. => DONE

    • The path of infantry isn't contrasting enough => DONE

    • Advertisements block the chat for F2P. => DONE

    • The place of units isn't always clear, => DID STH, BUT WILL CONTINUE TO IMPROVE

    • Players get completely white maps. => SHOULD BE FIXED

    • Players get completely black maps. => SHOULD BE FIXED

    • Countdown til next day is now in the DE instead of bottom left => DONE

    • Country colors are too bland and gray. => DONE

    • Pin mode doesn't work. => DONE

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    Are you looking for another challenge? Then check out our upcoming Arms Race event! This popular event map will take place on the 31p map again: You will start the game with double the resources, a vast army of land units (ranging from infantry and armored cars to heavy tanks), and a single balloon. In addition, some of your provinces will sport high-level fortresses and factories, recruiting offices and more. Also, all technologies will be available from day 1.

    Further details:

    - Sign-up period: 2018/11/09, 11 AM CET - 2018/11/12, 11 AM CET

    - 2x speed

    - double victory reward for top 3 players or winning coalition

    - random country selection

    - players flagged as inactive after 2 real-life days

    - AI & human player peace period of 1 real-life day

    - starts-when-full

    Have fun and good luck, generals!


    Dear generals,

    we are rapidly approaching the final phase of the S1914 revamp project. Here at Bytro we are very excited for the release already and working hard towards making the new S1914 the most beautiful and functional game we have ever created. If you didn’t board the hype train yet you can get your ticket today: We are releasing the brand new forum to the public and invite you to sign-up and check out all the hints and teasers at the final design of the game we have hidden there.

    The new forum is still work-in-progress and the old forum will continue to be reachable until the live release of the revamp later this year. The new forum is a complete fresh start so you need to create a new account for it and we do not port old posts and stats to it. We have, however, re-created some of the most helpful threads - and also updated the game manual. You can find the new forum under this temporary domain:

    Together with the forum release we achieve our first major internal milestone for the revamp project where we get a already quite polished version testable on internal alpha servers for testing in the office. We are really happy about the great progress of our production team and can’t wait for releasing it publically to the first external testers.

    We will also use the opportunity to remove some old features which do not fit our vision of the game anymore like for instance the alliance warchest or wheel of fortune & blueprints in the current version. The main consequences for running games are:

    • We will remove blueprints from the Heavy Tank build costs. The remaining costs stay the same.
    • We will make all eligible maps available for internal alliance games and alliance challenges.
    • We will set the alliance member limit for all existing and future alliances to 40 members. Larger alliances keep their current members but cannot recruit any new members unless they fall below the 40-member threshold.

    At the same time we know that some of you used the removed features and also invested Goldmark into them, so we will try to compensate for that with the following reimbursement:

    • We will reimburse all Goldmark donated to the alliance warchest in 2018.
    • All users active in 2018 will receive the full replacement value in Goldmark of their unused spin tickets (capped at 100 tickets).
    • We will reimburse all Goldmark spent on spin tickets which resulted in blueprints in the last 6 months

    The reimbursement will be based on your current spendings and inventory (October 22) but will be rolled out on October 29.

    We hope to see you on the new forum and will share further news on the release schedule with the next revamp update.

    Your Supremacy 1914 team

    Dear generals,

    some time has passed since our last revamp update but that does not mean that the team has been idling: On the contrary, we have polished the new map and in-game UI to a state where we feel confident to release it to beta soon. This means that all frontline pioneers will be able to test the new map and interface in late September already! Stay tuned for the exact dates and make sure to stay active in beta games to not lose your frontline pioneer status.

    In the meantime we would like to discuss a few changes in the overall feature set of Supremacy 1914 with you, which will take effect once the revamp goes live in the last quarter of 2018. Some of them were already announced (like the removal of the province view) but will be listed here again for the sake of completeness.

    Single-page application: We will release the new website as a single-page application: Different content (including the game rounds) will not be loaded as an entirely new page from a server but dynamically integrated into one browser page which behaves more like a desktop application. This allows for very smooth transitions between your game rounds and the website and will enable new features like background loading of recently played game rounds, accessing the chat directly on the website and more.

    New rendering technology: Using WebGL as a new map rendering technology we will be able to bring a whole new level of detail as well as different strategic views to the map. Stepless zooming will allow you to finetune your interaction with the map, and overall performance improvements will make map navigation and unit movement way smoother than before.

    New forum: We will set up a new forum using a more up-to-date forum software. You will have to sign up anew but will be able to enjoy a bug-free, functional, and visually appealing forum again.

    Province View: We will remove the province view and make buildings directly accessible in the province bar on the bottom of the screen instead. Higher visual detail in the map itself will also compensate for this.

    Alliance Warchest: We will remove the Alliance Warchest from the game. By freeing up the number of potential alliance members and the range of available alliance maps we want to foster alliance growth and their overall attractiveness. Players who have spent Goldmark on the Warchest in the past will receive a compensation which will be detailed out in a future update.

    Share your Map: We will remove the “Share your Map” feature since it was rarely used by players and positioned way too prominently in the main view of the game.

    Support our Troops: We will remove the “Support our Troops” feature since it had become quite error-prone lately and could even be exploited for an unfair advantage. We are looking into options to bring back a proper daily login reward but it will not be in the initial feature set. As a consequence, blueprints will be removed as a resource and the Heavy Tank costs adjusted accordingly.

    AI Trade Offers: We will remove the automated Goldmark trades issued by AI players in certain intervals. We felt that they were too much of a distraction in the Diplomacy section which should be focused on player-to-player communication.

    We understand that some of you still feel attached to one or more of these features and we haven’t taken these decisions lightly. However, we are still confident that removing/replacing them will ultimately make the game more consistent and enjoyable for all players.

    We look forward to hearing your feedback on the forum and can’t wait to share the results of our work with you in the near future.