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    There are some points I would like to mention:

    New features are alright.

    Bug fixes are always welcome.

    However, the performance got really bad. It became very laggy after this update. Already cleared cookies (no difference) and the game was working perfectly earlier.

    Pls fix this critical issue,

    I can no longer play the game normally.

    Best regards

    This is my feedback on this update:

    • Toggles on reports are super useful feature, especially on large maps where so much information is incoming.
    • As far as reports windows go, everything seems alright.

    When it comes to the updated province list window:

    • Resizable windows is a welcome feature, but it is probably a bug that when I refresh or log into other game all resizing resets.
    • One annoying thing is that when I need to sort by buildings, I always need to click on a button which only then provides possible selection. In precious version you only needed one click to sort everything out. Now it requires more time to do the same thing.
    • Another thing which frustrates me is that structures are no longer aligned in the same column. They all go as a sequence and it is very hard to compare different provinces. In previous versions it was very convenient.
    • One thing which could be added is ability to sort buildings from the lowest tier to the highest.

    Other updates:

    • Snapping feature should available as customizable setting. Because 30% increasement is super annoying when you want to disembark artilleries into island and not to attack province directly. Those 30% really decreases precision, but I guess it is more useful to mobile, because "thumb" is not an accurate device like a "mouse".

    Feedback on previous update:

    • Rounding up of available resources is not very convenient, when you try to buy exact amount of resources from the stock market to build a building. I always get myself into situations, where it says 1.5k, so I buy 500 iron for the fort and then I find you that exact amount is 1979, so then I need again to buy iron. It is very annoying and uses a lot of time.

    That's it for now,
    Best regards