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    I do agree to follow the rules, and if I do something that doesn't fit the roleplay of my nation I'll gladly change my playstyle to better fit it.

    I think Italy would be the best choice for me, my Discord is InYourHeart#7397

    Would like to participate, I'm fine with any country and am very flexible when it comes to the roleplay

    Here's an article I previously made:

    Coup d'etat brings a new leader to Russia

    This morning at 9 am a revolutionary group calling themselves the National Self Preservation Union took up arms and stormed into the streets of St. Petersburg. Military resistance was non existent, in fact, most man on guard duty throughout the city joined the NSPU in their revolution.

    After completely shutting down the roads leading to the capital and taking hold of all government facilities, the NSPU began their blood soaked reform. A total of 75 members of the previous government were killed, with another 210 either being sent to prison or being reported missing.

    At 11:04 am an official statement was sent out to all the world. InYourDomix, a politician known for his extreme nationalist view, has been elected as the new leader of Russia by the now in charge NSPU. It is soon after that that the following set of declarations was made, letting all countries know of what to expect from this new Russia.

    "By here we declare the following statements as the first in a revamp of our constitution:

    1º Statement: Russia officially closes it's borders to outsiders. Only current citizens are allowed entry to the country. Immigrants residing in Russia will be allowed to continue living here, but will not be allowed entry may they leave the country in the future.

    2º Statement: Russia will cut all it's current alliances with foreign countries, and hopes any conflict will also be forgotten as a mistake of the previous government.

    3º Statement: Trading with other countries is restricted to the government, all transactions will require approval by the new Czar InYourDomix. Adding on, trading of national information will be considered treason.

    4º Statement: Countries found trying to obtain homeland information or supporting the entry of immigrants will receive no mercy. War will be declared against any country that attempts to disrupt the national peace that the NSPU has created.

    Breaking any of the previous statements will result in life sentence or death penalty to individuals, and a war declaration to countries."