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    As many of you know, there has been a large amount of discontent regarding the new look of S1914 ever since it was implemented. I'm less opposed to it, and in regards to those faults that it has, I'm rather willing to make suggestions so that it can be tailored to feedback from the community and improve.

    That being said, there is one thing in particular that sticks out quite a bit for me. The interface, and the new design in general, has an emphasis on a "modern" look (faded colours, blue/grey buttons and panels, futurist design), which in my opinion is not reflective of the era (1914-1918) and is one element of the game that has the potential to improve the visual appearance tremendously if done properly.

    I think something which would greatly enhance the visual aspect, and which, if implemented as a general trend with other visual cues, would make the game look beautiful, is a more traditional look.

    Lettering examples

    (From the Victorian Era to 1918)

    Map examples

    (Yes, taking a page from EU4)

    Please feel free to leave any constructive criticism/comment on this thread if you would like to discuss this further. Naturally, this is only my opinion. I've included a poll so that we might get better insight on the thoughts of others on this topic.

    Thank you! :)


    Through observation it seems we can't adjust our in-game ruler's name anymore (for good). We can change the i) title, ii) ruler portrait, iii) country flag, but not the ruler name. This was also the case during the ~1 month period before release of the beta version, but I thought it was something to be fixed when the new version came out.

    Can a specific reason be provided as to why this is the case? Is there a realistic time-frame during which the community can expect the issue to be resolved? I know many people are also asking themselves these questions. This feature was the single most important tool for historical immersion in supremacy1914, which is one of the game's most attractive components.

    Everyone (the players, Bytro, the moderators) wants the game to function well, and not clarifying issues like this leaves gaps in that mutual relationship.

    Regards and best wishes.


    I have quite an old account on supremacy1914 (not the new forum, for which I have this account) and I never confirmed my email for whatever reason. When I tried to do this recently, i.e. use the 'resend confirmation' button, I didn't receive anything in my email. I tried also changing my email to another one in the settings, and re-sending to that new email, which similarly did not work.

    I can't access help on the new site because the prompt says you need to have confirmed your email to do this. I'd appreciate a reply, and maybe being able to discuss the details of my account (name, email, etc) in PM.


    I'm sorry if this isn't asked in the right topic, but can anyone explain where this is taking place? Are you all Frontline Pioneers or something? (If so, how do you become one?) Am I the only one here not understanding where the new (beta) version of the game is located?

    >old version: (regardless of the "new" login screen)

    >new version: ?