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    many times happens you attack someone on days 1 and he has lvl 5 fort... 0 balance, 0 fairplay and you are out of game.

    What about adding to forts same mechanic as for Factories.

    So you can build/Spawn 1 lvl per day reaching lvl 5 forts only on 5th day of the map?

    This should convince players to build less forts with GMs but more defensive/offensive gold units and hopefully teach them how to use units in battles.



    in general the more units you have on the map- the more mistakes and denial of service actions server does

    i still do not know why selecting 3 units in canada picked also 1 unit in UK

    or why selecting arts in france picked up planes in russia

    also not sure why on random fire mods switch off

    and why selecting units in syberia shows me description of the fleet in the pacific

    I am more than sure those are server problems and when server is overwhelmed it starts to mix things before it stops responding. in worst case scenario it will kick you out of map couple of times in 5 minutes

    i had two games 500 - unplayable in revamp due to lags, server DOS, refreshes, glitches and so on

    i went afk in both trying to ease a pressure on others and they also quit, now when I am back only 1/3 of people stayed on those maps due to huge problems in playing them

    i guess i will wait additional 2-3 months and win without any fight ...

    still big issues- now i have huge problems with playing 500 maps olders than 100 days. there are armies counted ins hundreds of millions and servers keep crashing or lagging at best at every action

    not sure why but strange situation happen like here: i choose armies in france and not sure why armies from caucasus and from baltic states start to move too

    this completely mu game schedule as now instead of making quick gathering of armies in france that normally took 5 sec in legacy I will have to stop all armies coming in the west and move them to older locations. but first I need to find them all in laggy and unresponsive server. 30 minutes lost at least. Happened couple of times in a row as part of code decides to choose planes from other side of the map.

    I also noticed that while i tried to move armies from uk, france, germany i got kicked every single time. that is 10 kicks from a game in 3 minutes. way to often.

    can you do changes that allow to play those big maps and which do not cause situations that waste dozens of playhours per week due to server misbehavior?


    recently one of players who never had possibility to play legacy in supremacy tried legacy in COW.

    Judging COW legacy as 10 he estimated that Supremacy revamp is4/10 comparing to COW legacy...

    maybe we can ask some other new supremacy player to t est legacy in COW- tutorial above.

    Let us know how you judge Revamp comparing to Legacy- that would a very indicative opinion as someone who never used legacy in supremacy would be able to see who it worked

    as i wrote in other topic Slyx is familiar with

    Revamp takes 5-10 more tiem than legacy to do exactly same things

    during that time we have multiple glitches, lags, denial of service ( orders do not go through server)

    can we do something about revamp so it works without issues and doesnt waste so much time

    that is main reason people who paid for HC want money back-0 HC is to save time, revamp is wasting way more time than HC is saving

    it is comparison of time spent in legacy and in revamp

    revamp takes 5-10 more time to play than legacy and still you never know if revamp would work

    I would like something like legacy back so I can spent less time in game and at the same time play much more

    province admisnitration

    completely unhelpful since last change

    I have town on 3 continents

    having possibility to choose only towns in america was saving my life- now it is gone

    filtering by building doesnt work as expected

    i fired up building of 90 railways on energy in europe, everything done by hand, one province after one province due to broken panel

    today i found out only 5 were in construction

    revamp wasted around 55 minutes of my time

    in legacy it would take me 5 minutes and I was sure I will see all 90 railways in production

    revamp is IMHO is focused only on wasting time of the players- not sure what strategy is behind it but you surely see how much time is wasted by revamp comparing to time you spend using legacy to the same task couple of times faster

    Like I said, I'll try to get back to you with any info as to why this might be happening. Best case its fixable without much trouble. If it doesn't work for some reason I'll award you the medal manually. I think it's fair to assume you managed to kill more than 1k units with arty over the years. :/

    it all depends how Bombardment is defined in a code of that Medal

    i does not seem to be related to arts, rgs or shooting ships

    doesnt seem to be related to Bombers neither

    in my case

    from what i see there are two issues with graphic

    models which are too heavy and you cannot hide them. they are also not the best in showing what is happening in the map ie. if you scan large area like whole africa. they just look ok for some but have no function in the game. as a commander i should see in one blink of the eye what i have in that region and models do not fulfill that role- banners do

    other thing are labels/banners - problems with labels is they are recalculated depending how big is a zoom . recalculating them every single time slows downs performance. Leave banner as it was in legacy so it always shows all kinds of units. at max zoom out banners turn into pins anyway and you cannot see anything

    Slyx probably removed my post about revamp where I was not happy with Revamp development. I still think Java client development of Supremacy in 2010 stood on a much higher level than revamp development in 2021 after 2-3 years of work.

    can someone fix revamp that way that playing 500 and 100 maps will be possible once again on PC?

    It is possible to somehow play smaller maps if you sacrifice 5 * more time than in legacy but big maps... uuu

    armies are not moving where they were sent at random occasions

    armies do not follow given orders at random occasions

    diplomacy doesn't work from time to time

    wrong nations are given offers and I sometimes finish giving maps for maps to enemies

    building queues do not work at random occasions

    rally points do not work at random occasions

    fire modes do not work at random occasions

    game is laggy to the point you are not able to play it

    there are multiple UI and graphic glitches

    spies do not work at random occasions

    spy reports do not work at random occasions

    spy maps do not work at random occasions

    'current structure in building ' filters do not work at random occasions

    structure filters do not work at random occasions

    map shows units from other side of the map at random occasions

    map shows strange countries and boundaries at random occasions

    map does not load for 20 + minutes at random occasions

    reporting anything via regular way doest not give any results at all

    i bought HC to save my time from supremacy, i cannot afford to spend it on reporting same thing dozen times


    Is there any way I can obtain my barrage cross?

    sorry to call you directly but no other channel works.

    is it possible at to assign dedicated GO for all issues related to Game Overview and statistics' issues?

    Surely bytro technicians will solve the problems listed in the messages.

    I just wonder if you who respond to our messages played at Supremacy 1914 and if you like the game, try playing 3 or 4 games from 500 players at once.

    Before the suspension of legacy mode I also played 20 games at the same time, now I can't play 3 games.

    it is because revamp is so broken and unresponsive that managing things take up to 10 times more than in legacy

    only if you can afford that much time more you can quadruple check if orders were carried out by lagging servers