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    Everything is tested at minimum 2 weeks before it is released. If you'd like to provide feedback early, just join the frontline pioneers and you'll have access to content before it is released for everyone. Also helps us tremendously with adjustments.

    can we change pipeline for build releases and test them always for full 4 weeks? This will give 2* more time to test things and fix bugs before release of a new build

    I got one question

    how it is possible that in 2021 we have Revamp that works worse than 2010 Java Client?

    How is it possible that in 2021 Revamp is behind in development to 2010 java Client despite superior technology,funds and experience?

    I cannot simply understand that

    is game evolving into another game and supremacy is is used as a basic but outdated blueprint?

    fire mods do not work in High Command

    I am paying for that so I am expecting fire modes to work

    why my units in revamp are ramming into enemy while having option of offensive fire? I am losing troops battles wars and maps because of that

    any solution how to avoid that? any chance for hot fix?

    is it possible to give test cases to FP and tester to see what is happening to spies in 500 maps?

    i am not able to describe situation as i do not see logs but quality of counter spies is couple times worse than in legacy

    same with my offensive spies

    sometimes both counter spies and offensive spies do exactly nothing as there are no information in newspaper they caught anything or destroyed anything

    i noticed that for 12 years spies of same kind were performing different actions at the same day: stealing, dmging , seeing armies

    right now it looks more like spies either destroy, or steal or see armies? Is it a correct observation?

    revamp path finding broken to the core

    in legacy when AI/Human took ROW from you all paths were recalculated to avoid causing war, from what I remember. Since revamp came I caused ,only in one map, 15 unintentional wars. troops were not stopping after ROW was removed and marching into neutral provinces. Rally points were pushing new units straight through everything, not even checking if we still have ROW.

    looks to me that revamp path finding works only once- when you give order to move or create rally point.after that 0 checks are done if the route is still valid. whoever removed those check should bring them back. remove graphic from revamp, not mechanic that is needed for game to continue normally. noone cares about nice models but when game causes you 15 wars because it's systems are broken

    ofc everything started when someone decided to change popularity system without proper in-depth testing how this will influence gameplay, but this is another story

    all to all revamp is so broken and probably unfixable ( if almost nothing was done to fix it for 2 years) GMs and HC are here to save your time but revamp forces you to quadruple check if everything works as it was intended to because of multiple issues. so you finish fixing yourself all bad commands revamp has done. Revamp does not meet any criteria of p2W software unfortunately and should be shut down immediately till it is in playable state , not some alpha stage. it is not playing anymore - it is fighting UI and fixing all mistake UI and server have made.

    that is ofc my private opinion as a game designer and pro-player: waste of time to use revamp as you are forced to spend several times more time than playing same map in legacy

    you can have your own opinion but it starts to remind me Cyberpunk when they released it :-)

    for all those who are leaving because of revamp - thank you very much that you made that game and community fun place to stay

    you will not be forgotten!

    ps. consider starting own topic where you write what you have achieved in the past decade in supremacy, that is history which should not be forgotten


    I am getting wrecked by spies while my offensive and defensive spies do not work at all. can someone explain me what happened in revamp that opponents can switch off your spies and how to defend myself from that? No report in Spy panel, no information about performing missions or catching one of hundreds enemy spies. many provinces are rebelling and all my factories are getting destroyed and I cannot continue wars in that map.

    56 counter spies, 26 military spies, 12 Intel spies- not a single one worked since 2 days and opponents do not have any problems with using spies. It happened only in that map and only to my country. I am just fine in other maps and I was fine in that one too since 2 days away. My opponent said to me that those who have power and influence can control spies- very vague statement but maybe it will help CS find a reason for that bug.

    polish map gameID=3685264 : Golden Buddha ( poitou charentes)

    I have sent report but there is no answer this is why I write here.




    this is severe breach of security if opponent can control partly your account ( spies) and somehow switched them off. I would say it is critical bug which meed urgent attention in Revamp.

    There are a few in here that will recall Java. It went away and the players grabbed their pitchforks and things became a bit 'interesting' for a while.
    The player base recovered as they adapted to the changes.

    from what i saw in most of servers player base never recovered

    ofc there were more accounts( thanks to multis) but there were fewer players, games, alliance games and pro-players have almost gone extinct

    from the 12 years perspective I can say supremacy never recovered after Java-related users left the building.

    Increased exodus could be related to shutting down tournaments, alliance games , all skill-based initiatives and supporting p2w but now it is hard to say how many left only because of Java removal.