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    not even city queue is working

    I was looking for New York by name and could not find it in my provinces

    it happens very often that you have city for weeks and it is not present on the list

    please fix whole Revamp ASAP so people are able to select units and cities , use them, build units and buildings , make trades with others - without that game it is not possible to play

    in that stage I am surprised someone even allowed that 'thing' go live as this is broken in every possible way

    it reminds more like pre-alpha prototype on a kick starter trying to get people to sponsor it

    I am not interested in sponsoring it

    Btw i forgot to say this in my first post. Many people already pointed this out, the icons are bloody huge. I can barely understand whats going on when a car is the size of a province, boats the size of countries. Rework this, make them much smaller and less impactefull on disturbing the view, and have low graphics mode be as similar as possible to legacy mode

    it is much easier and faster to remove them. noone really needs them and they are causing half of issues with a game and optimization

    revamp is wasting to much of my time in comparison to legacy

    mostly because of lags and display issues which force me to triple check if everything is done as I ordered it to be

    bytro completely doesn't understand that wasting users time is the worst thing to do.

    there is a golden rule of 10 minutes- it player doesn't like something in the first 10 minutes it is almost sure he will not use it any more.

    can we have banner lord mode - where all graphic is removed, including models and we use only banners?

    3 good things about revamp:

    1. all good players will quit so it would be much easier to win maps solo

    2. everyone has the same problems so the first to make sense of revamp will have advantage

    3. It is so broken there is at least 2 * more bugs than in legacy so time for inventing new exploits has finaly come

    interesting thing here: you choose 1 plane in syberia and instead get ships in the middle of atlantic. This could open exploits to use portals like in witcher.

    Revamp Portals

    remove all graphic models and animation effects plz, leave only banners- this should solve 50% of problems

    then make sure diplomacy works, trades work, displaying things works, movement works, selecting units works

    I am not able to trade with people using revamp

    and I am not able to change status to war in diplomacy window so I am forced to make sneak attacks lowering my popularity-

    it shouldnt be like that

    that mode is simply not working and it should be replaced by something that works - immediately

    1. give option to completely hide models and leave only banners. I would wage 100 k $ that your models are to heavy

    2. person responsible for introduction of that new revamp should start 500 map on english server and play it till the end using revamp. I think there is no better way to explain to t hat person what are multiple problems of his design. Gold Rush 500 last 14 days- should be enough for developer to see straight away all issues.

    3. remove tracking route of troops with red-white strips. One, not animated color to improve optimization

    4. ability to completely switch off models and banners so I do not have lags and can do simcity and spies.

    5. people should be able to move unit A to the point where unit B stands without overshooting that point by many kilometers, precision of mouse click has to be established

    6. in general UI should be user friendly and not fight back when user tries to use it

    7. Optimization - it does not exist for 500 maps that is why I believe option to remove models and using only banners in 500 should help a lot.

    8. way more testing on bytro part, devs and designers have to play too to understand what they have created as current version is more like beta

    and beta is beta than nothing

    what he meant is :

    it is waste of our time to struggle against new interface which is chaotic

    we lose way more time fighting interface than playing actual game

    and time is the only thing player doesnt have so wasting it trying to to do simple things like unit selection is not an option

    if I wanted to play something like revamp i would go for facebook games with popus, bubbles and point-click options everywhere.

    I am just curious- revamp will go out of date at some point. when do you plan to replace it with something else?That would be a good time for players like danjjj to come back and have a look at things

    i think almost all of you have been very constructive with your suggestions and comments which i highly appreciate!

    all of these will surely be noted and will affect how we improve in the future to give you guys a better gaming experience

    in my original server over half of people ( not multi-accounts or 1-game accounts but real playing humans behind accounts) already left or is leaving ( closing maps) because of revamp

    Doesn't seem to me they are interested in any feedback notes or testing that 'thing'.

    Using players and clients as testers tends not to be appreciated by them .

    500 maps completely unplayable on PC. one must assume it is even worse on mobile devices and laptops.

    overlapping banner where you have huge issue picking up your troops not the enemy ones or vice versa

    lags as a standard here cause huge delays in simple selection of units

    move ie planes from point 1 to point b takes weeks in clicking

    terrible terrible, can go back to Java version?

    1. too many bugs in revamp. I cannot make trades, my units turn into enemy units for some time and i cannot use them. very confusing ....

    2. it is too hard to pick up unit you want and somehow direct it towards opponent's army

    3. i m not able to fight any more. lags cause game not to process my requests, on top on that i cannot control my units properly and target enemy troops easily. I never know which units is closer to town.

    4. lags while moving through the map. how is it possible i cannot move from spain to france in 500 revamp without being lagged 5 times?

    5. when i open couple of maps I start to have some serious issues with display at all of them.

    -7 in scale to 10

    only good thing is I can smell dozen new battle bugs that I want to test

    I hope my opponents are as badly affected as I am as and they will not start new offensives

    in general I wanted to ask if I it is possible to get my money back for HC as it also doesnt work....I bought HC to save my real time but now I am forced to sit in a game all the time because all of the issues with servers , HC and revamp.

    so if this is not a server issue I guess it is issue with devices on which we play

    is it possible to place all calculations on the server side so devices are not impacted?

    i heard couple of times that people complained because their mobile or laptop crashed/burnt during fights on 500 map

    seemed like they were not a happy clients from what they wrote in a newspaper


    i mostly play 500 maps and they lag a lot

    but lately it is not possible to play as server refuse to acknowledge orders and despite rologging and changing orders twice my army still kamikazed into forts

    and as I say - i relogged and stopped them twice

    can we please buy/hire better servers as current ones are not up to the task

    issue is reported from years, i myself report server issues on 500 since 2017 .

    can we please do something about that ASAP without waiting next years?

    i do believe some of those are bugged , which you can send a support request for so that a game operator can look at it and reward it to you manually.

    regular players here , they also have real life and real time and it is waste of that private time report something that was reported dozens of times. By my knowledge issues with medals exists at least since 2018, probably longer, and were reported several from my account.