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    I noticed that I have some problems in seeing units in building queue if I have 4 buildings too in the queue. (legacy version)

    I believe it was working better last year as I was able to see everything in queues: there was I guess separation so you could see separately buildings and units queue above buildings/units list

    right now there are some glitches which ie block me from putting higher level of factory in a building queue until I erase all units from a building queue - which is ridiculous. Building queue was supposed to be a solution within HQ package - not a problem maker.

    It would be good if someone from engineers can fix it so it works the best it can as this is a paid feature and should be working without any issues.

    another thing is frozen building queues - if you did not have resources when you booked sth into queue - production will not start blocking whole building chain.

    I hope it was informative for you and I thank you for your attention


    one observation

    we took a lot of mediocre players into the tournament

    in my map I had attack 3 vs us 2 while I was fighting yet another, 4th country.

    When we managed to repulsed all 4 opponents (destroying 3) another 3 attacks us with help of remaining 1 adversary....4 vs 2 once more

    well I understand there is politics , metagame and so on but being attack by gangs of players who just run like lemmings all over the map en mass and do not leave anything behind to protect their countries. Well this is poor, very poor, on of them does not even know how to use arts and rams them into forts

    maybe it would be a good idea in the future to set minimal rank for a tournament so we avoid huge gangs of inexperienced players who see only chance of winning in a bigger numbers, not skills.

    uuuu nice

    thank you :-)

    can I ask what was the reason to limiting ability to join longer round in unprotected by password games

    I enjoyed going to 100 -200 days old game doing my staff, and fighting much bigger opponents who had millions of infantry. Or joining confrontation between two mega alliances as a mercenary and helping one of them in exchange for troops and provinces. Now it is not possible.


    like in topic

    I am looking for 2-3 players to win a 500 map.

    I will be commanding airforce - our range warrior.

    We still need :

    1. army commander- reasonable activity , knowledge of the newest tricks in S&S, but also experience in melee combat, rushing enemy, maneuvering, max and optimal caps for units, HQ is a must, interested in fighting opponents 10 times stronger/bigger. Main tanker of our team with full support from land and sea

    2. Fleet commander - reasonable activity, S&S , max and optimal caps for units, HQ is a must, interested in fighting opponents 10 times stronger/bigger, some useful strategies how to fight in different seas( ie how to hunt submarines or LC fleets, how to make raids, how to cut off enemies from reinforcements). DPS warrior mostly focused on dmg infrastructure securing shores and raiding enemy supply lines. Substantial support from the air.

    3. Simcity - someone who will be managing building queues, productions orders from army,navy , airforce who has idea how to plan in advance placement of factories of different kind for different theaters of war. responsible also for spies , diplomacy, all meta-game, handling international situation and making sure commanders have steady flow of units. Lets say - Healer in our party.

    Let me know in PM if you are interested in joining with me 500 map after Easter.

    Goal- have good fun and kill everyone

    additional bonuses - a lot of knowledge to be gain from other party members + hundred of thousand of military points awaiting. I am guessing that everyone except healer will get around 250-500 k points, while healer will get eco points.

    Lets keep it simple: do what you do the best and let the others handle what you do worse than them

    have a look at my other 500 which I played only with 1 DPS: