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    pay for legacy mode

    pay for challenge 1 vs 1 maps with preset units and building

    pay of advanced bot which takes over your country when you are afk. you can order many stances from the bot. bytro can gather that information and study and develop better understanding how AI should work and think

    creating sitters mechanic as a paid option

    remove any offensive gm usage against enemy provinces

    remove gm possibility to spy on enemy units or to finish production of units faster. finishing Buildings is ok imho.

    create at least one well balance, good looking scenario with preset units, building, provinces population and morale. 10 years ago in historic map you had different troops composition and different building within countries- now it has been removed. I would like to pay for such a historic scenario.

    when I say paid option it could be either part of HQ or a separate purchasable item

    I still strongly believe that removing ban on exploits gave even edge to regular players who were not protected from skillful cheaters , hiding their dirty tricks for years. Now I can plainly write how to use Advanced Tactics employed by some of the highest ranked players in that game and allow others to anticipate some moves . This also gives them possibility to develop their own defense.

    There is at least one Advanced Tactic, which connected with GMs can create unstoppable army , this is why I will keep that tactic in a shadows for now.

    And as I said earlier - GMs cannot influence opponents army ability to fight

    this is why dmging military buildings like Airfield and Railway should be stopped. Same with lowering province morale to 0 in hope of dmg opponents morale.

    At the same time game will earn a lot in strategy sense if gold spying units every 3-6 hours will be forbidden. This will force opponents to anticipate moves, do some planning, in general force them to learn something about strategy and maneuvering.

    If we are not able to do that I would like to ask CM, CC and mods if we are able to set up such a RP game where only two players met with preset armies?

    We spawn armies according to what opponents chose for their fighting force, spawn couple of airfields I guess for planes some forts and railroads and there we go

    Simple map is needed when two players can meet in something that can be compared to multiplayer battle from other strategies in a market.

    it is more about testing military prowess than activity in night. So simple rule of instant production of troops would ne needed. As I see it:

    1.We chose one of existing maps like lets say Mexico/ Western Front

    2. we have option to have password

    3. we have option to play with or without GMs ( other option could be related to having HQ or paying 5 000 GMs fee).

    4. Then you decide number of $ you will be able to spend in this map. Lets say 10 M $ in this map ( 10 000k $). / We can equally allow to decide number of $ and resources available in that map.

    5. Then you have separate screen when you decide what kind of troops you will be able to buy for that instantly before game starts..

    6. Not sure if we can make it work but we can try to set up map screen where you buy and place airfields, factories, forts , railroads , ports and so on

    7. When both players press finish pre-set stage they arrange when to start the map by pressing and unpressing ready button. / equally you can add some kind of calendar to set up a date but it could be to much complication.

    8. When they start map troops appear in 1-3 locations behind main frontline and the battle starts.

    9. stats are not counted as this is challenge map and units are instant made. both participants should be treated as regular AI one to each other

    hopefully quick game

    no simcity

    pure strategy

    generating income for entry tickets

    should not last longer than couple of days

    low server costs

    it should be forbidden IMHO

    I lost a game due to fact that enemies were able to use it - and with more numerous armies I was not able to continue asymmetric warfare os specialized troops and skills vs quantity and activity

    idea is simple- start using it and you will see bytro will ban it once more.

    I hope someone will l find a way how to counter it as i would like to know how to counter it too. I am
    betting that for some guys it was the only way to win maps so I did not want it to stay that way.

    There are people who are using that against others

    and there is 90% of people who have no idea what flower is and why it is so effective

    I wrote that article so people could understand what enemy is doing to them and have time to prepare defensive measures be honest- most of people do not have time or will to do flowers

    Flowers are also great way to defend against HNR and other active opponents

    this give chance to defenders to have advantage over attacker like in a real world

    probably, but if top players who are regarded to be the best, who were finalists of Bytro Championship are using it against you, even thought they do not have to because of having 6-1 advantage, you start to think what is wrong

    is it me or them

    and you finish fighting Flower with the Flower

    it is one of top 3 exploits available now so it is your choice what to do with it.

    sample article, will be edited soon


    20-50 arts with lets say 50infs attached, while in front and on flanks of it is our TABOR : 200-500 infs with 2-10 mechs of other types like tanks hts balloons,acs, cavs and 1 art with switched off fire. single ,not shooting art, in TABORS r is for keeping same speed pace as arts behind so they do not go too far ahead without arty support. You need to maintain activity to stop TABOR in a safe distance from art behind.

    Such a Tabor moves slowly and waits in defensive position while enemy is trying to get to your arts.

    Arts will pound enemy from TABOR(s)'s cover which will be stopping enemy from reaching shooting arts . that is safe approach but slow

    lvl 2

    there is another approach I call TERCIOS (former Tornado ) where you create stack spitting fire but at the same time pushing forward with aggressive fire. It does not need to much managing- Just send it forward and chose fastest ways occasionally sending cars and cavs on speed to take over empty provs ahead.

    We get 50 arts, 500 infs, 5-50 cavs, balloons, acs, & 5-40 tanks and hts. we move on autopilot with aggressive fire on. You can divide it into 2, 5, 10 smaller stacks moving one next to another in aggressive flower formation increasing efficiency of dealt dmg and reducing dmg received.To do that you need to make sure units move next to each other, on the same route but every segment has slightly different end point. This way you create something that eats enemy alive and when you use couple of those TERCIOS they can move through enemy territory on their own even but should avoid meeting stronger force which can envelop them and crush them. so the best use is to form a line of smaller Tercios that moves on steady pace through enemy area and keeps flanks of that line secured with some additional melee and air units.