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    Joined as Italy , 2 days behind

    Russia defends without forts, france does nothing ( troops left in algieria and at spanish border)

    Ottomans go afk -> bingo

    1. Forts and cars

    Defense of Milan and Venice (Using internal lines and sally forth ) allowed to crush offensive forces of enemy once and for all.

    2.leftover withm mighty attack cavs

    Then it was just using freshly produced cavs to steamroll remaining troops- this is where france moved to get his points and even fought battle or two as germans focused on him.

    i tried to get some Ai capitals but I was to weak with almost 0 troops left. Still got the first place

    You win from counterattack - easy

    win every single time


    Can someone from mods explain me difference between Air Att/Deff for land and sea units?

    I always thought the yare simply defending- like an garrison in a town. but I lately started to question my knowledge of the game engine.

    Can someone explain rounds that happen when a jet (fighter) attacks lets say 10 infantry?

    Thank you


    On big maps like 500 it would be good to have button - duplicate offer , so whenever offer was accepted - i can copy-paste it once more for my client

    same goes for creating unique offer and sending it to mulitple countries - ie all coalition members or all neighbors. I would like to have option to add more recipients

    thank you



    As both sides belong to coalitions - reconquering provinces should give provinces to the original owner

    right now ie. AH reconqueres Munich and it is AH , not Germany

    Same with french reconquering ie. London from germans- London is French, not UK...

    can we changed so coalitions works like every other map

    I am sure because I talked with SGO Kacper about that.

    If you order queue when you had lack of resources - blocking occurs even though you have resources many hours later.

    In my example i removed from ordering que last building ( not the first one) and everything started to work but I had to do it manually.

    We have a known problem which hugely influence paid options - HQ.

    People mostly buy HQ because of building queues but they refuse to work if you order things in advance not having enough resources

    this makes your building queue stack in every single town till you adjust them manually

    it is the simplest example of things for which you paid and never received. It is like buying Netflix which is only watching when your neighbors are not watching too.

    Problem is know - when can we expect someone will take care of it?

    I remind- this is a paid future, paid with real money and still not fixed. This should be a top priority, critical bug.

    Thank you


    Another quick rush map #2689628, only generals and marshals were playing, I have not seen any arts in use

    After Germany and Italy played afk from time to time , while Bulgaria never showed up me an hungary decided to take out russia first and then move west

    As seen on day 7 Russian Was knocked after my charge

    while France on day 9 after AH attack.

    AT the end we need to score more points on UK and Italy and this is What AH did with Germans. My Ottomans were exhausted after knocking russian southern army.

    Every top player and alliance knows that. If someone doesnt he can learn it straight away and use against opponent like everyone on our map did.

    And who should I contact if I want to appeal from a ban. I do not chat so there is no other way I can ask for that.

    thank you



    Please do not troll the grammar mistakes done by other users. Further more I just warned to end the discussion 1 infractionpoint given, NarmerTheLion.

    It does not matter, we were better prepared ,had better knowledge of the game , better cooperation and strategy than GOMA who was only hoping for S&S. When they saw they will lose before arts they had to do sth.

    thanks Wagram and Chris - it was my pleasure to take part in our Szeged charge and crush GOMA

    we all know that if we were not banned vienna was falling today and berlin tomorrow and GOMA was out of tournament in our game.

    always happy to play with you two on any map.