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    Their are two problems with gifting units, the first it gives multi accounting even more power and second it allows a group of friends to share artillery/battleships and potentially have the same stack of weapons being operated 24/7 in away that is very difficult for a regular human player (who has to sleep) to deal with.

    I really liked being able to gift units but the upside was not as great as the downside of having people exploit the mechanic.

    As far as I know troops changing owner lose moral so if you did effectivly pass on BB's multiple times a day you'd eventually wear them out

    that suggestion would still not work. That is why there is the 4min time to retarget. If I follow your suggestion I'd just

    103 units

    52units (targetted) 51 units

    26units (targetted) | 26 units | 51 units

    13 units (targetted) | 13units |26 units | 51 units

    (etc I think you see the point by now) Even if the largest stack kept the target you'd still be able to make that one.

    Also SomtimesI don't want the game to decide to just randomly change targets?

    103 inf 20 arty

    split the 20 arty off. Hey I rather had that arty destroyed then that infantry... If it's not done manually there will always been tons of occasions where the pc picks the wrong target. Maybe that 4 minutes could use some more leeway but I remain with the opinion that it has to remain manual.

    yeah I agree engineers were used to demolish infrastructure in the war make it have a demolishen time (like 15min/lvl) though I dont think you should be able to do it instantly a real scorched earth needs planning too but I also think it should got pretty fast nonetheless

    Correct well theoretically people would know the airfield is being surrounded okay th euser is not around to give the command but realistically the second your army comes in sight the planes would take off right? I think you're already lucky not to be bombarded all the way to the airfield. So tbh I don't think this needs to change, I do however think air superiority is a bit to OP

    as far as I've seen splash damage never declares war to AI's I bombarded AI cities with enemy troops in it in the past.

    we're dealing with Elite AI right? they could have revoked their RoW for some reason as your popularity went down? that could have sparked a war and as you attacked them on their land (due to RoW being gone) you get the "your troops opened fired" message

    is this mail send recently?

    Earlier (17th of April) we banned somebody who did this and as far as I know Bytro disabled the option for users to email directly to users which should make it impossible to happen again.

    No, I disagree. Transport ships have very little in the way of armor or weapons. Also, slower. Any cruiser should have a field day against them. Programmers are taking the easy route and simply assigning combat power to units regardless of reality. IF you move transports and you don't want them sunk, you should have to also assign combat vessels to escort. This part oft he game is too simplistic and unrealistic.

    they are slower... as long as you give the command not to be sitting ducks you can flee ... As such if they do reach you you're just simply overrun you need thousands of man to sink one but if you send them and you get surrounded you're even irl death, just that irl you wouldn't try as that is a way to heavy cost of men and if they flee you stand no chance then certain death

    And why exactly would bytro make stuff they use to earn profit free for all? From a realistic point of view I doubt heavily bytro would pick this up. Especially watching the discussion about the free and payed for gold in another thread