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    Below you'll find the biglist off previous suggested ideas. In order to keep the process of idea creation structured, which increases the chance of an idea being picked up, we have set a list of guidelines. Ideas that do not follow these guidelines will be asked to edit or will be closed.

    1) After a few weeks of discussion you can request that your thread is to be polled. A Moderator will then upon your request create a poll for you. If the moderators feel that the discussion has died out they will propose that a poll is started. They have the freedom to create the poll them self and close the thread.

    2) Make sure that your idea is unique. Check the great list to find out wheter or not your idea has been proposed before. Rejected ideas(1) can be reopened after a year to see if the community opinions have changed. The game and it's community is dynamic and so must the suggestions be.

    3) Please refrain from proposing more then one idea per thread. This way dedicated on-topic discussions can be done on your idea. If you have multiple ideas, then please create multiple threads. Threads containing radical different ideas will be asked to split.

    (1) Ideas that did not win the voting

    So far the new look is good, will see how it works for the staff moderating

    Shows me as a beginner? that needs to change- been around since 2010 so I would hope that changes to reflect the old forum account information.

    doubt it will you will however be ranked moderator. but game account is no longer linked to forum account

    While part of me like how guests can see which staff members are online:


    At the same time is this not an invitation for some to use our absence to spam?

    The old forum allows this too, you can disable this in the account settings


    I would believe this fixes it. Further I do like some features like the capability to mention a person and such. I know many of my post so far have been a bit negative. I just want to point out we have a lot of work to do before being able to talk about a fancy new great forum. It does however work and increase our (user) capabilities so far as I see. Now I want to see it work clean and smooth as possible and then I'm sure I'll like this just as much as the old one