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    This does not prevent the СoW-maps being more accurate.

    watch the "claimed" as honestly I agree with you that some historical and geographical accuracy spices up the game for me personally. And even if thay as company decide to balance... the game could be equally well balanced with a bit more regards to history, culture and geography. Now the range of the railgun is however to my knowledge based on the "Paris Kanon" . Which gets pretty close with it's 130km range. For unit range I do believe that it would elswise require the maps to be zoomed as you need to have some more specific movement if you make them to realistic then arty would be pretty useless

    Should I be DMing them, or is the naming set to alert them?

    Also, great to see you on the Forums, Narmer!

    I hope DMing is enough but experience tells me even that could take a while the fastest way to get a response is by sending in a ticket (see my signature) . Tickets are part of their day to day job (the bytro employees at least) so they watch those more often

    Would it be an idea to reintroduce that start chat messages with links to the Manual and FAQ's? (btw if you have time I would like to talk about why the FAQ"s are not in the FAQ section? and why the broken images have not yet been replaced) that aside many chats/games have that even if they show history. it could be a message simular to the "user has been banned" message a message that shows up if you log on and dissapears why you switch chat rooms. A lot of the questions could be answered from there.

    I can't agree because we losing historical and geographical atmosphere of strategy.

    Didn't they not basiccally abandon history when they decided not to add any of the important border regions that were a spark to the war (mainly reffering to Alsace-Lorrain and South Tirol). ANyhow most fo the decision are claime dto have been made for the balance of the game.

    The formula is also added to the FAQ

    Anyhow don't they just not mean with "relative progress" your VP, the victory points ar ebasically already a percentage whether you multiply that by 2000 or not it is a score calculated relativly to the other nations

    they are slower then your naval units so practically if you're around you shouldn't lose agaisnt them you can bombard, move, bombard, move. If it does get caught and loses it's basiccally been overrun by hundreds of infantry transport vehicules. (1infantry = 1000 units) which makes it rather realistic you might outrange them, but if they're with to many they can catch you.

    it does change the entire flow of the game. Production is based on population, to keep especially the start map balanced bytro decided to give each province 4million people. This feature would require a lot of testing and balancing to be introduced. It also would require population growth/decrease battles would cause civilian victimes it increased the unbalance created by raiding nations. If you look at Atwar they do have something simular (growth/reduce not migration) it seems like an very complex thing to add to supremacy which also alters the playing of S1914 (too?) heavily

    you can also upload on phone ones you taken a printscreen you need to insert an attachment see paperclip on the bottom of the write box

    After entering it you can select thumbnail or full images to insert it in your post

    , however, some players still get away with things due to how the referees handle different offenses through out the game. A solution to this problem would be to handle every offense the same way

    Agreed inthe moderation crew you despite the same training see people handle differently. ifsomebody really steps out of th eguidelines they can be repremended by their superior (usually a senior crew member) that is the main reason we have a hierarchy in the crew.

    As for weather the accuser should be informed of the decision, well, I think that a simple message to the accuser informing them that he player has been found guilty or not guilty of the offense. Short and to the point answer, more or less a yes or no answer. Nothing else needs to be said to the accuser.

    I 100% agree with this

    In addition to trading province for province , you can sell a province to an allie... so you have trade and sell to deal with this.

    I am not positive on exact limit of selling province, but for trading it is +/- four per map, I will do some testing to determine if the sell province is encompassed in the +/- 4 per map game mechanic

    4 Provinces in deficit, So it mean you can sell 12 provinces if you gained 8. (12-8 = 4)

    One annoyance though in province for province trade if you're at a deficit of 4 it demand you to first get a province then give a province. The mechanic isn't smart enough to determine this is a province for province trad

    the game operators send replies as last thing they do (or at least I did) which is also why I keep saying the "privacy laws" reply way is just some cheap reply bytro wants the team to give. As you can literally see if an action was taken in the map prioor to the message they send you (newspaper articles disappearing, users going AI, ...) SO you can see what th eoutcome of the investigation was, they just can't tell you. That is bytro's way to cheapen up the support process and maybe it is their attempt to discourage users from going upstream but that I wouldn' tknow

    I mean, you can play as an independent Ukrainian state Hetman (talking about the great war scenario, i'm at the wrong forum then, ain't i?), I've thought that's idependent enough to have our own names.

    And yes, I was talking about the english writing.

    yes but customary for the time, at the time(1914) it was a Russian province. So most likely the British used the Russian names at the time