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    The intend of Supremacy1914 Regular rounds is total domination (or yeah 50-75%) so when you're so weak that you'd have to agree to such agreement there is little chance of such player still gaining the upper hand. Most users already don't use the diplomatic options they have available currently. How I even agree that in RP (my preferred game mode) it would be a nice feature. I don't think it adds a lot to the general game, (in my opinion) as in the end this is a risk like conquest game not a Roleplay Realism game. Then I'd rather have bytro focus on other features that aid both the RP and the Regular community. Andd maybe if people would start actually using diplomacy instead of jumping into coalitions never saying a word... Then Maybe this idea becomes valuable else I think still 95-99% of the losing nations will leave, especially taken that most people already leave if they lost their main army even way before the enemy enters their territory

    yeah comes with it that single units usuallt survive a round something with small units doing better in the randoms then larger armies. But i haven't run tests on those

    the technique used to abuse the wait time between battles (an attack army can only attack a single unit). They have tried to fix it a bit in the past by allowing attacking units to attack a 2nd time if they got an instant kill but still a large part of the effects are around.

    I assume you mean Railguns right? their use in most cases used to be defense due to their range. Since air units however became default units they lost their glory, they're expensive, slow (need rails!!) so as offensive unit they're useless and as defensive unit they don't stand a chance against air forces. The only use they'd still have is if you have an island empire that is not in range of enemy airfields. Then their glory days of coastal defence could return

    Bytro wants it but can't handle the tickets and cheaters who use it. In my time I've seen a lot of features go because they were abused...

    In addition you could add this option per map Roleplayers tend to switch between Male and Female rulers of their nation so it would be quite obvious that Koningin Wilhelmina has abandoned her nation instead of his nation. But I also agree for the Rp'rs it's a small issue for people who are actually female, and in my time I've seen multiple too it woul dbe mainly nice.

    The question is: you can't fire him, you ought to transfer him. Which, at its turn, returns us back to the problem of transfering soldiers' nationality as if it's nothing.

    Had the artillery costs only the 5 oil as upkeep, you would have to be right.

    you could also say the upkeep is the upkeep to keep then clean, store them , storage employees? I still think of trading units as trading the arms they used. Storing weapons isn't free either just like storing any other goods. In the industry knowns as storage risks and storage costs.

    Bytro decided to create another WWI version of their game (or should I say of CoW) to post ideas for the original S1914 game please post here:

    Missing Features

    I checked Anti air guns don't seem to be in the biglist yet though that one is also still in need of an update (my bad)

    When do we recover our lost server?

    Bytro never actually owned this server. The arab one together with some others were of a split of company (not necessarily split of but anyway) it was run by a company specialised in the translation and support of european games to other regions who have a much more harder language. That company stopped it's efforts why idk. But bytro never had a hand in it. All bytro did was provide the gamee engine (that is also why arab accounts didn't work on bytro servers).

    It for certainly had nothing to do with racism. More about self knowledge. Bytro knew that due to the huge difference in language and culture that it could not run such servers directly. We see simular relations to the Russian server which is bytro owned but somewhat neglected.

    why then even mess with this stuff at all when it's working fine?

    Why? It's a mistake in priority at bytro they think they should do this to increase reality, etc etc. Bytro spends more attention figuring out and implementing "features" whether requested or not than that they spend on support or bug fixing. Which is heavily frustrating to say the least.

    Lost, I think the hierarchy is failing within Bytro. The frontline being Mods and GOs are beating their heads against a wall

    I now as former team member can also approve this message. Bytro doesn't want such confirmation button why is even for the mods a huge question mark all other games have it basically... and the **** of wanting to keep it easy for heavy users? we all know all those other games have some sort of setting to disale such question... The real question might be whhy doesn't bytro want such button ;)

    as far as I know that is not really possible best to send in a suppor tticket but you best have ssome proof (which is hard to obtain) the support link can be found in my signature

    Come on, is it really too much to ask to even just tell me to _______ off 'cause nobody cares about me? Is this really what my five bucks a month are buying me?

    Well I used to be the main guy checking the forum. I can tell you this 100% certain bytro doesn't care xd they do barely even talk to their crews xd communication is their main and mayor flaw despite them denying that time and time again nothing changed (for the better) since 2016 when they promised better communication... In contrary

    I do agree as a 'Nederlander' that Maastricht being part of Belgium is painfull to watch

    I do not play this game or know what setting bytro tries to create but if it's WWI then nope no Maastricht in Belgian hands if it's 1830 the entire province of Limburg except the fortress in Maastricht were Belgian. officially dutch limburg was 'given' to the dutch in 1839. But I always thought Supremacy1 is WWI and then you guys are 100% right