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    I play following games

    1. FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage
    2. Gears of War
    3. AFL Live
    4. Age of Empires Online
    5. Battlestations: Pacific
    6. Blacklight: Tango Down
    7. Bulletstorm

    I love to play Windows game and and I have advanced computer with graphics. But now a day I am working on Android game because I can play it anywhere anytime. Previously I used to buy Windows game and play it in computer but by east and games are quite hectic and it's too costly because if I want to change the games I have to buy it again most of the Windows game are very costly but after the release of Android game the cost of games has been decreased and even we can play lots of games where you don't need to require any payment.

    I love to play a games in groups and network because playing games in single user are not tough but if you play the games which have lots of team then you have to who manage all the teams and even you have to get the first poisonous among the team. I also love war game because it required lots of action and creativity those who had such type of ability can play the types of game.

    Now a day games are organized according to the groups and category those people who loves adventure game they can use adventure games application in your mobile and those who are looking for Sci-Fi game they can use it so according to the choice heroes can to their favorite game and download it in their Smartphone and can play it anywhere anytime. Previously we don't have option we have to buy a single game and wait for the other competitor to fight against them. But after the internet connection most of the games are online and we can join any group any level and time.

    The people who have played Windows game will definitely love to play it in Windows but the new generations people use to play it in Android show the games are also comfortable in mobile. In Android if you’re playing any game then you can get the next level by achieving the target and it will be unlocked. Most of the Android games are free you can use it to the different level you don't need to buy it. But some android games are costly and you have to buy them to play. Even most of the people are earning by playing. Those people who are smart enough can hold the game and win the game.