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    The Beholder, I did not realize Supremacy 1 was different than Supremacy 1914. Thank you for the clarification! I just logged in to Supremacy 1 and it is still possible to use gold in game, but I am not sure if it is entirely the same. I will try out a game and see what happens. If it turns out that gold cannot be used to instaheal units during a battle then I will be so happy. I am sure many people understand how frustrating that can be to outsmart someone, but have them spend money to save themselves. That could go on forever and ultimately it would depend on who is willing to spend the most money. There is just no fun in that.

    I agree that the goldmarks are a big problem with the game as it stands. I have played the game for a while now and really enjoy it. It is one of my favorite games, due to its simplistic yet complex nature. It is a one of a kind game where I can play anywhere without committing tons of time to it in a single sitting as well.

    With that being said I have become extremely frustrated lately, because a friend and I play, and we are repeatedly slaughtered by gold users. We put up one more fight, but it’s never good enough. It is simply not possible to defeat someone who refuses to lose in a game that has a system in place that allows that. The game essentially has an implemented cheat system, where it boils down to whoever wants to use more money. I simply am not willing to spend a load of money on the game or any game and there are more players than not that are like me I am sure.

    One of the worst things about gold mark users is that they can keep units alive, by simply using gold to boost morale. For example, in our current game we cannot defeat our opponent, because his units keep magically healing and there was not magic in World War 1. It takes away so much from players who truly want a strategic experience, where you must plan long term. I don’t want a system that saves me when I am in a bind. I want to have to use strategy to defeat others. After all it is a strategy game.

    I certainly want the developers to get their money. The game is fantastic and could be so much more if a better system was in place. My suggestion/opinion would be to charge ten dollars or so for the game upfront and eliminate goldmarks. The game is a one of a kind and players who enjoy it would buy it. It is an addicting game so I am sure people would buy it. In my opinion the player base would expand, because who wants to be destroyed by someone who is willing to spend lots of money on the game. Many people don’t play the game anymore, because of gold users and that is a shame. They could even keep goldmarks, but implement some sort of cosmetic system where it doesn’t give any performance changes. Many games use these systems and there are plenty of people who will spend money on cosmetic things.