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Attention, Generals!

Supremacy 1914 and Tesla Wars will undergo a server maintenance from 9am CET until 10am CET on Tuesday the 15th of June 2021. Please note that within the maintenance window servers and/or game rounds will have a short downtime and will not be available for a few minutes. We will keep you posted about the status of the maintenance.

    You do not like "this kind of game".

    Yeah, that's why you only explained how to do it and didn't spend a single word on how to combat it. Very credible.

    Using realism to justify an actual game exploit is very creative, too, in my opinion. But whatever, I've said my piece. I was very surprised to find that this was now apparently considered legal but that's not the only change I've been stunned by. I guess allowing it might have been easier than fixing it? I just found it important to point out how this is and always has been considered an exploit and is not just some other tactic to use. Some people might find that important before using it, one can still hope.

    Screw the GM, that's been a part of the "old Supremacy" as well.

    But what they did to out diplomatic options, removing trades almost entirely unless you're coalition partners, removing even the ability to give members of other coalitions right of way - that really killed the old supremacy for me. I am completely dumbfounded by this. I usually take a few months away from the game and then come back to play a few games, so I'm essentially used to coming back to changes but this... I am flabbergasted. Why tf did they do this? This completely stripped what used to be a major aspect of gameplay down to "Join Coalition -> Be in Coalition". That's all the diplomacy that's left possible unless you really go out of your way, get creative and have a lot of imagination.

    Don't use profanity!

    There was no profanity, it was criticism. It's okay for you not to like that but don't accuse me of stuff I haven't done.

    I just want to add that the new rendering, which by the way I think is way over the top and the most boring, generic bullshit it could have possibly become, has made the game pretty much entirely unplayable for me. Map view lags so bad, there's just no point. I cannot order armies, I can barely scroll. Had some great matches going and now I'm completely cut out. Thanks for that! Also had a week left on a premium account I now cannot use at all, that's great, too! What on earth were you thinking with this? You screwed me soooo good! Is there any way I can get back to the version of the game that I can actually run? I'll do anything, just please take this horrible abomination from me! I've spent plenty of money on this game over the years, really loved it all this time and this is how I get fucked now? Come on...