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    On a completely different track of argument against vassalage in the game, I would have to say that we are playing in a game that takes place during the height of the Industrial Age and not during Feudal Times.

    i would recommend giving a game i hate playing "victoria 2" a try, it illustrates very well how politics at this time existed on different layers.
    Nations move from "spheres of influence" meaning that the big nations fight for power over smaller ones,
    like it still is done today to a varying degree!

    I agree that european Feudalism would be a different game than this, i just figured it was the best word i could use to convey message :):)

    Vassalage already exists in the game with coalitions and even some alliances.

    yes, but what i am describing goess a step further: players can become dependant states of others, taking (possibly) their color and name

    (i.e Swedish Norway, if Sweden vassalizes Norway)
    .. but definetly contributing a small amount of taxes, score and recruits to an overlord automatically.

    .. This way Player1 doesn't have to sign off on a team of nobodies
    .. this would allow the vassalized player to leave the game, leaving the AI as a vassal: in contrast to losing an important ally and learning to never trust anyone because its cold outside.

    My vision with this is to encourage players to keep playing, and it is my opinion that this may mimic reality in a fun way.

    for the record, vassaled states aren't considered winners (even if their overlord is victorious, solo or not.)
    but a humble position of learning (or if u know what ur doing a time to be sneaky)

    I doubt many nnew players are awaiting to be a slave of another nation tbh

    it is actually very common.

    mainly it is beginners who arent familiar with things like dmg efficiency and morale and get totally crushed.
    i like to give them a second chance, so they may learn, but im not polluting my coalition with rookies.

    another way it may

    go down

    is if i am losing ground, i can vassalize myself to another bigger fish, so that they may help me. (500p map)


    what i said could be interpreted as an attack on certain players who have the right to use the game how they please as long as not breaking rules :*

    but what I'm trying to get at is game population, rather lack of. its no gushing head wound, but effectively makes the games long and tedious, not really worth playing\ /new game/

    and like snowball rolling down hill.. more and more nations go ai ?(


    player vassalage

    i made this post with similar purpose

    but its another interface, with its own digits and datas.. i'm sure it would have more weight.

    if the difference is worth it i don't know.

    maybe I'm being stubborn, however i believe coalition chat trade offers would be easier, and more likely used compared to a new window for a new stock-market.

    perhaps it could result in more support tickets from players not understanding the difference;


    they don't report it and give up on the "broken' game. :/:/:/

    yeah its just a shame, because what really did it for me with this game was the game population.

    the first 2 weeks are always amazing.

    then the fishermen go to their ''main'' andd wooooahh 200/500.

    is there an echo emoji/??


    but like discussed in monetisation thread, limiting the amount of games or making infinite games HC exclusive could be a step in the right direction. i don't like it, but i wouldn't mind if the ends are justified.

    it would not add...
    it would take away the domination...

    i think it would introduce new layer of politics, as 'vassalized' players would be either a player who doesn't know how to play properly or doesn't see any chance of victory or a defeated enemy; they should strive to break their vassalage in pursuit of victory screen of course.

    I'm trying to say the game would become more layered, as a defeated enemy, would take to the opportunity of situation; to break his humiliating fate.

    bonus bonus beginners might appreciate this instead of a tutorial island everyone leaves.

    to the point of dominancy, the score share could be too small to make up for not conquering all the land perhaps; resulting in ''vassalizers'' losing overall score effectiveness [not to mention all the lose ends...]

    So one thing i understand, but dislike in games is that smaller players tend to leave.
    It gets scary.
    but maybe they could swear vassalage? Giving some of their score and tax to a stronger player.
    --it wouldn't be a coalition victory, but they could be indirectly adding to a coalition victory, which i think is interesting.
    -- noob friendly, right?
    -- more elements to diplomacy and backstabbing

    it would also be really nice if their nation name changed! so instead of having ''British Burma" it could be Burma, and then after becoming vassalized or colonised the name would change :love:

    Perhaps gold marks to enter a game is not a bad idea.
    I think it would indirectly lead to more consistently populated games.

    What about making it so buying a certain amount of GM is required in order to play the game, but only a certain amount of GM is allowed per match? This would make it a lot more fair and assure that there's at least some strategy behind GM use. It wouldn't be "person who spends the most money wins" anymore as everyone would have the same amount.

    ...but i don't think limiting gold marks will happen realistically, maybe in player hosted games:/

    i was discussing with other players what we called ''gamblers'', players who don't seem to care much about small factors and things they can do to increase chances of success; and maybe thats just rookie behaviour. However some times this was not the case, and we theorised another type of player: The Fisherman.

    the fisherman joins to many games and waits for success. This way the fisherman is always winning and is polluting the population of games.


    thats what a tutorial is supposed to be goddangit :whistling:

    perhaps gold marks could be aimed at a more 'self-defence' oriented use in the future,

    gold marks are also obtained at victory screen,frost .