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    tanks, and heavy tanks, have more hitpoints and defence, and they do absorb much damage done to the stack they are in,

    what i think would represent 'historical tanks' would be if a player decides how much resources to put into a tank, and then that value plus factory level determines tank 'level'.

    i like your input.

    if populations had a migration factor, that would worsen if they aren't fed or under attack, ending up- with some immigrating on bordering provinces
    I am trying to do this in something else, but i dont really know what im doing b:/

    "Would varying populations give some countries an unfair advantage?" - ofcourse :)

    there is a population number designated to each province, is there going to be some kind of math being done with this or is it static for now?

    it would be really cool to see in the future

    put that under "won't fix". why would you force marsh a stack like this? you are just too lazy to split appropriate :P


    I think however of a scenario, that i am rushing my arty, but i don't want them to take much range damage so i have INF in the same stack

    Also in naval combat i have INF as meat shield for my Navy, I could rush the INF and keep my navy in protection.

    I miss trading units.

    Proxxy wars

    It reduced that uncertainty when ur ally is offline.

    Another way this could be handled is grouping your units with a coalition member, and the original owner of unit stack can move it around.

    It's a little wonky but if you could split off your assisting force at anytime that wouldn't be too bad.

    Maybe this should be missing feature but I'm not sold on my idea I just really liked unit trading.

    And to multi accounts and [Classified] it's like yeah, but the game also has goldmarks so heck winning isn't all:sleeping:

    It would make sense that for


    If a is artillery shooting at Y

    Y is enemy

    X is friendly

    That the Artillery damages x also. It would be a nice gesture for a losing player because of Arty that he forces his opponent to halt Arty fire or risk friendly fire.

    However I find that since free players don't have use-of-fire orders it would be kind of awkward you would have to either move Arty back and forth or move it out of range 🤔

    I would really like to join late games. I wouldn't mind playing from a leavers seat, or a minor AI.

    This would be possible if there was a "abdicate" function if you don't intend on returning.

    Note: the game does offer goldmarks to join certain games, maybe something like this would help keep servers populated. 😗

    You missunderstand.

    I am talking about selecting different groups of units, and making them arrive at a determined location all together at the same time.

    If I want to attack a province but don't have the time to be there when it happens for example.

    This can be done manually but the delay slider is very sensitive and hard to work with. (Someone said time can be typed manually but I haven't gotten that to work.)

    Many times there are small bugs, my favorite is when select multiple units doesn't show the little pluses.

    This is solved by refresh but it could always be better with a "refresh game" button from world map:)

    The multiple select issue is only a problem on my mobile app

    When I force marsh a group of units, cars and other fast units lose condition even though they are under their max speed. This would be an appreciated update if it was fixed :P