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    I feel like that's factored into the defensive stats already. Hence infantry attacking has way lower attack value than defense. If they were all out in the open, it would be much more even on the stats, and then of course forts are already a thing.

    So pretty straight forward here, in the spy description is says they are best suited to gather intelligence, spot targets, uncover production plans, and reveal troop movements.

    So do they actually show you what a province is building, units/buildings? Mine doesn't seem to, so is it bugged, or is the description wrong/misleading?

    Also if an AI has conscripts in a province and I try to send my spy through there re recon deeper in their territory, will it engage and attack? (I set the fire mode to return fire, but it still shows an attack symbol if I try to move it past them. Can someone explain how this works? I'd like to move my spy pass the conscripts without engaging them, but they are in a province capture point... I don't want to attack the province to take it, just move through it. Is that possible?

    I did actually have another couple of questions about Morale and Expansion penalty.

    First, morale: How does the game calculate the trend? My current guess is this. You start with a base 100, and the penalties subtract from this. So the trend will even out at the sum value of if influences if the positive and negative influences don't change. Is that correct?

    And secondly: Expansion penalty. I have heard talk about expanding to fast causes this. Does that mean it will diminish over time? If I stop expanding will the penalty drop? Or does it just continue to build and your just supposed to build propaganda offices to counter it—or suffer the penalty?

    Thanks. :)

    Popularity is still a topic in the office. Something that helps to avoid getting overwhelmed by morale issues is to not rush through another country. Rather assimilated enemy provinces slowly. Since Moral also has a major impact on the productivity of your provinces, you are at risk to start a negative chain reaction if your country grows too quickly and/or gets too big. Also keep in mind, that you can move your capital to a more centered province. That might help you as well.

    My question is how can you afford to go so slowly, at least on the 84 player map. The game ends in two weeks. You need 1000 points for a solo victory. Also expansion penalty doesn't drop as you assimilate your new territories. So the only solution I'm finding is to spam Propaganda offices.

    Don't get me wrong, I love the idea of a game only lasting 2 weeks, way less time investment/commitment, which suits my tastes better, but actually winning before time runs—the game seems balanced to make that difficult or impossible. I'll certainly try for it. We'll see what I can do in this game I'm playing now. :D

    And Lastly, does moving your capital/headquarters make morale drop in your home provinces? Or would that only happen if the distance to the capital got to high?

    I haven't finished my first 84 player game yet, but I'm expanding pretty fast. I feel like I'd be expanding even faster if not for the expansion penalty. My thought on it right now is if the game only goes two weeks, to encourage rapid expansion to get that point score before the time ends, the expansion penalty has to go, (Or be balanced better) or add a 'army power' morale modifier as well. As your army grows your morale is boosted. Kinda like a national pride thing.

    Another option would be for taking any province you get a low morale boost. then you could keep expanding to offset the expansion penalty. This could cause your nation to collapse if you got stopped cold though, which might actually be a good dynamic if it wasn't impossible to recover from.

    I'm still getting a feel for the game though so there might me good reason not to do this, just some thoughts I had right now.

    Was playing Flanders front and here is the after math:

    Here is the morale view after day change when the points update and we won:

    (Note: All that deep red is at 0 morale. Also my capital which was at 100 morale before day change dropped to 65%)

    And lastly, the magnitude of just how bad it can get:

    The expansion penalty maxed at -200.
    And I think the Distance to Capital was also maxed out at -80.