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    Although I very much like the new game Supremacy 1, I still think it lacks an important feature of WW1, Entrenchment. I think it would make the game much more historically accurate (and therefore better) if you could entrench conscripts, infantry, assault infantry, machine-guns, mortar infantry, and grenadiers. Intrenchment would require something like 1000 tools for every unit entrenched. And the result would be that the entrenched unit would suffer a hitpoint penalty (say like 10 HP every day) but it would have a massive defensive bonus, to the point where any attack on an entrenched position could result in a loss of as many as 30 conscripts to defeat 10 entrenched conscripts. It would make sence to be able to entrench anywhere on the map (exempt for rivers and ocean), and it might also have a moral penalty at home. I also think that un-entrenching should not be allowed, or if it is, it costs alot of HP to do so. Tanks also should have a decent strength against entrenched units.