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    If I received a report stating this as a complaint, and after checking, found the evidence to support that conclusion, then yes. And I would react appropriately to it as well.

    Buddha has a very valid point on this. This is where some of the research is involved

    and it can be lengthy.

    I've submitted two reports so far, since I had new evidence come to light. Is there a way to provide supplementary evidence after an initial report since I didn't realize I was supposed to compile screenshots as evidence.

    issue is Morris- they can win as a as coalition : more people for allied medal

    plus in the end they will probably allow their main friend or account to take over their provinces to make him even stronger, but not before they will kamikazze into someone else. if they will do that you will know owner of that particular friendpack - guy who is eating them from behind.

    it is always the same since 2014 when I came back

    Yeah I feel like an account ban isn't enough to stop them, they can easily just make new accounts and the ban will only come after they've ruined the game for other people since there's no reparations. I guess I'll have to wait and see who benefits at the end of this but by that time I'll be long gone... That's why I'm advocating to limit associated people to 3 and under. That is the maximum that can win, so this eliminates any feeding, although I guess the players targeting a solo win can still take advantage. There's no way to eliminate it entirely, but this is a step in the right direction.

    South Paw Could you comment on whether more than 3 associated people joining would infringe on "join[ing] a game with the intent to influence the outcome... will be considered Account-Pushing", since there is no way for the 4+ player to win, then clearly joining is to influence the outcome.



    I feel this is a serious issue as well. In my game, the four players were confident enough to even keep spamming that as many alliance members can join the game as the game will accommodate. While I understand that this is the official stance, I want to bring to attention that this does not make logical sense. First of all, from my knowledge, other than in some specialized games, the sole goal of the game is to win the game. Given that the only two configurations to win is either solo or as part of a coalition of 3, having any more than 3 signals the intent for the extraneous players to aid the 3 to a win. The obvious counterargument would be that alliance members may want to fairly compete against each other. And to that, I say that should definitely be a right of theirs, but since internal alliance games already exist, there should be no circumstances where playing with more than 3 players is allowed since this puts the non-affiliated players at a clear disadvantage. I would prefer if everyone started off with a clean slate to make allies and enemies, but seeing that this is impossible, they should not be given the advantage of being able to trust more than 2 other players unconditionally. In fact, I feel a case could be made concerning "join[ing] a game with the intent to influence the outcome... will be considered Account-Pushing", since there is no way for the 4+ player to win, then clearly joining is to influence the outcome.

    ---------(I kinda got lost in a rant main points are outside this)-------------------------------------------------------------------

    They even blatantly sent me this link: General Game Rules The wording of "sole intent" makes it tricky, as they can easily claim they have other goals on top of killing a certain player. But regardless, kamikaze attacks don't make sense, and how can 5 players simultaneously attack me with no previous interaction, and then keep attacking even though they know landing on the island will incur massive losses since I can defend with half the troops. They even keep harassing me to the extent of falling from 2nd and 3rd rank to 6th and 13th, which I see as an indicator of them giving up their personal goals just to kill me off. Myself, and at least one other player that I know of has attempted to report them, but it's been over a week and no response yet. Another week, and I'll probably be wiped from the game...


    It is not my intent to criticize what are surely well thought out rules, but I feel in some cases adhering to the spirit of the law rather than the letter, is needed to keep this game a fair and entertaining experience.