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    The problem is new players are not 'quarantined' to the the tutorial map but instead can chose any map to start on. Usually this would only be those who know what they are doing (i.e. a player leveling up a new acct to use as a multi) They often use the bonus troops to help their main account in other maps.

    If every new player was forced to play the tutorial with their bonus troops and if they instead chose a different map they should then start with a normal set up.

    This does not disadvantage the new player, they can play the tutorial map with the bonus and learn the game and all other players who start one of these maps know that any first timers will have that advantage.

    It's no secret why it is the way is is. This is not a new request and unlikely to be the last. However as A LOT of money is raised through misclicks I doubt as a business Bytro want that to change.

    Remember it's look after your profit first, customers second in the business world.

    The fees charges are expenses for Bytro - a cost of doing business that they will claim on any tax liabilities. When someone in the same country spends more on mobile than they do on web version then that have nothing to do with regional variations.

    Any decent company would swallow the fees they get charged as part of their running costs. As i said I am thoroughly disgusted and disappointed in Bytro over their decision to charge more for their mobile platforms that they are forcing everyone to use by their annoying message that won't go away even after you have logged via mobile. If it costs them more when people use mobile why would they push it so hard - or is it that they can charge more on it and increase their revenue.

    You can spin it however you like to me is looks a push to generate more sales at the expense of unsuspecting players who do not realise the mobile prices have been jacked up.

    Different servers are completely different and will reflect the economy that server is based on. But to pump up prices on the same server for those who choose to play the mobile version is at best unethical. Yes you can say players have a choice where they buy their GM but for a company who is pushing to get everyone to play their mobile app to them rip those player off is disgraceful.

    I have alway thought Bytro to be fair and their prices reasonable and I am bother disappointed and disgusted they have done this.

    The problem is killing AIs is incredibly boring and believe it or not the reason we play a game is for fun not to be forced into the mindless grind of clearing a map of AIs. But if Bytro feel to 'win' a map players have to suffer that boredom then they are not providing us a fun game but a mundane task instead. It's a shame you feel like that but I do realise some players prefer killing AIs as they are predictable and easy to kill, those ones would happily keep playing a map when the real fighting is over but many of us really don't consider that challenging or fun.

    Reality is the inactive players in Top 3, before going inactive, played better than the others.

    Not necessarily - there are many reason why a player will expand quickly this could be as a result of being a muli who used alt accounts to run Kamikaze for him. Or a big GMer who simply ran out of funds so quit, could have been a lot of luck involved in placement. However the players who stick it out to the end and show that kind of activity and commitment to the game should be given some kind of reward - it's not gifting when the rest of the map has chosen to forgo any reward.

    This has been a bug bear of mine for a while. In order to gain your rewards it can be a total grind to kill of the Ais that stand in your way. If a player has left the game then they should not take priority over someone who fought to the end.

    I agree 100% the last 3 real players should get the top 3 placings and associated rewards

    Wow really? I have not logged into the mobile version for longer than a few seconds but that is another good reason not to use it.

    That really is bordering on criminal and Bytro should be ashamed of themselves

    Today is 04/02/19 for me, but for many of you it is 02/04/19, at a glance we will see a date in the format we are used to and this can become confusing when a date works either way. When I see 12/20/18 I have to stop and think for a bit to work out what the date is.

    So how about we compromise and make today 2 Feb 2019 now there is no confusion and everyone will know the correct date they are looking at without needing to think about it. It is standard practice for international applications to use the long date format for this very reason and I can't imaging anyone would argue they don't know what date is being referred to when using it.

    There was no link to discuss this in forum included in the press release, A ploy to stop anyone from complaining?

    Anti betrayal measures: Players of a team or a coalition can no longer change their relation to members of other teams or coalitions to anything better than peace (e.g. shared map is not possible).

    While I understand the reason for this it has created new problems. In 500 maps in particular is is not uncommon at all for 2 or more coalitions to work together with an agreement for an end game battle to decide the final outcome. These changes mean this is now no longer possible. A real life example would be if different countries no longer shared their intelligence but were all fighting individual wars, this simply did not happen. However betrayal, espionage, double agent etc. were a fact of life. So you have taken something that was based on reality and changed it into something that would never happen......

    Team players who become inactive no longer fall back to Right of Way but stay at Shared map at all times.

    This is good and has been needed for a long time, when a team mate has to leave for whatever reason suddenly losing SM in the middle of a war can be disastrous.

    We removed the team balancer when joining games: Players can now choose their team freely and don’t need to even out teams in the selection process.

    Thank you for this one, now friends can join the same teams together finally.

    I am a PC player and have little interest in the mobile platform. However recently every time I log the game I get a very annoying message insisting I should try the mobile app. After a while I realised this message was not going to go away so I clicked on the 'send link to phone' button. It then proudly informed me a link had been emailed. I never received any email, so in an attempt to rid myself of the increasingly annoying messages I logged the game on my phone (terrible experience and confirms my decision not to use that platform) and joy the message went away when I logged. The promised GM gift for accessing via phone was also never received.

    Today the message returned in all it's annoying glory, once again I clicked on the option to send a link, once again no email has been received.

    Please please give me an option to turn that message off forever, I will forgo the pitiful gift of GM as the irritation the message is causing is not worth that poultry amount. Add to that the fact the promised link is never sent it just adds to the impression of a company that no longer makes good on it's promises.

    For me the decision has become very easy. When legacy is discontinued so will my game. I cannot bring myself to play the new mode, it is just too alien, like starting a new game and one I would not go back to after first impressions tell me its not a game I would like. The mobile platform for me is even worse, why would I chose to play on a 5" screen during my spare time when I have 2 x 30" monitors available to me on my PC .....

    I think most people have agreed an option of pay to play maps with no GM usage is a good idea. They used to be available in the alliance league matches but I've never seen them in general maps.

    How hard would it be to trial that scenario? I know there are still many free players who could not take advantage but there are plenty of players who are willing to spend a little on a game but don't want to have to empty their bank every game just to survive past the initial 2 weeks when the GMers and multi's are more active.

    As far as the complaints about other tactics go that's a conversation for a different thread and Golden Frieeza already knows my feelings on that subject :P