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    I suspect that what Hastings said is most likely what happened in that you deployed the spy just prior to day change however, there is also another possible suspect and that is your "victim" made moves or changes just after you did the reveal which would also cause the report to be updated back to regular.

    But normally it should still show the old information when the opponent moves someone. With the normal spy it will still show 15 man in a city (with the addition, when this information was acquired) even if there is only one man left in the town.

    I think playing on a computer is easier, since the app doesn't give you all the information that is available on the computer.

    A lot of numbers that are visible on the computer are visualized graphically on the phone. This is a bit problematic. It's hard to figure out the correct moral of a unit or a city, except when it's your city at 100% or the enemy city at 0%. In these cases there is not a big button to spend goldmark, which can be easily pressed accidentally.

    On a touch screen everything can be easily pressed. So you should be able to somehow invert every action that you did not confirm. For building accidentally the wrong unit or the wrong building this is no problem. It can be canceled for a minimal cost. But it easily happens that you spend goldmark on an action that doesn't help you.

    So I would really appreciate more numbers visible in the app and less big buttons of spending goldmark, that you can accidentally press.

    Another problem is when you klick at a unit (f.e. infantry)

    In the top you see an image next so some numbers. What does these numbers mean? Especially the percentages next to the two thunder images. Attack against soldiers and against buildings? By the way, somewhere here would be a nice place to write down the moral of the unit in percentages.

    A third possible improvement I found (which can save some space) is that there are basically two buttons for ressources. You can click at the ressource bar at the top and you can click at the ressource button in the menu. Maybe you could unite the two to one. Coming from the computer version, I first thought that it's not possible to change the usage of ressources on the phone. I always klicked at the ressource bar and did not see the ressource button in the menu. You just need to add a slider to the ressource frame so you can adjust it.

    A nice feature for the newspaper would be if you could also filter the news on mobile. Then you could also add features like filtering for a certain coalition or nearby countries.

    When you click at an army, there are buttons to go to the previous and the next army. These buttons are partially in front of some text. This should be fixed, so I can see in future, which army is attacked by this army :P

    And there is a newspaper bug. When you take the last province of an opponent, the number of soldiers defeated in that war isn't shown in the current newspaper anymore.

    When I click on show only the neighbors in the diplomacy view, I'm the only one that is shown.

    I think another problem happens after switching between two games. I cannot select certain buttons anymore. When I click on the peace symbol in the diplomany board, nothing happens. When I create an offer on the market to sell a ressource, no ressource can be selected. The solution for me is to open a new tap and load the game here.

    I use the german version of the game in different browsers (chrome, edge, safari) with the same problems.