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    Check for the reloading, if not than clear the cache on your browser and login again in the game. If that all doesn't work, fill in a bug report. There might be problems on your computer too such as a screen- display error or a computer virus

    Ok, Ref, are you sure you opened that firing mode? If you opened that firing mode, was that the AI declared war on your in-game nation first? You can check on the news. Your message of that the AI was of Trade embargo to you also makes this war more easily to happen as AIs often embargo and then attack a certain nation whom they hate. I recommend you have a look at the news, the firing mode set up, if you confirm that is a certain bug, issue a bug report

    I strongly agree with Raman and like what he said, always be prepared for things that either you expect or might not expect to happen, such as a backstab, a ally destroyed etc. espeically in 100p and 500p maps which things may get worse every time. Hastings is right, bytro switched off that times ago, and there is only little chance of it returning as it might have many dispuses when it comes back. So Leny, you should produce subs and BSs in a times in maybe 2 ports, or work with your ally to destroy the enemy together.

    If you don't like being banned in an enabled-anti-cheat game, then be more cautious on using your wifi and your data etc.

    This is a lesson for you and you should learn from this mistake to be more cautious on the network selection. Your passage also sent out a meaning that you know what multi-accounting will do and learnt the consequences.

    I seriously, as Hastings did, suggest you to switch off anti-cheat or only join disabled anti-cheat games with your brother, if you think that you will play with multi accountable players, well, just don't play the game, or just disable anti-cheat. If you have so many thoughts, than just don't play the game. I'd rather switch off the anti-cheat settings and play a game nicely with your brother. Also, I think your account won't get unbanned as you knew the rules and claimed that it was a 'mistake'. I suggest you to open another account for your brother and play with him again from level 1.

    Ok friend, now you and your allies are strong enough to use 20-30 spies to sabotage countries right? I tried this too, but why waste money on spies to do some kind of sabotage to just sometimes wasting your money and making reports that rubbish?

    Espoinage spies have 3 kinds, intelligence, economic, military; all I want to say is that although I agree with the laws that you suggested, counter spies are effective too espeically if you have many spies in that region, they will pick them up one by one. For me, I always put 1 counter spy in my capitol to prevent other spies from taking my information.

    For the recruiting thing, It might be possible for the nation to contact spies in that nation you want to put your spy in or, recruit spies in that specific nation. The game might just work in this way. This isn't such historical game. How that you say that we should all have spies in other nations at start of the game due to historical and realistic reasons?