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    I have a question regarding the game mechanics behind AI nations. How do AI nations work - in other words, how do they survive? Take Bhutan, for example, an one-province nation. How do they meet their resource needs? Do they constantly buy resources from the market? Where do they get all the money to buy from the market? If my nation was conquered and reduced to one province, then I would naturally be plagued with countless rebellions, due to extremely low morale. In this respect, how are the AI nations different? Basically, how do AI nations not collapse after a few days? :/

    yes but customary for the time, at the time(1914) it was a Russian province. So most likely the British used the Russian names at the time

    I've personally noticed that many names of foreign locations and even foreign leaders have been written in-game as their German equivalents. For example, the leader of 'Communist Russia' is identified in-game as 'Wladimir Iljitsch Lenin", the city of Lviv is identified as "Lemberg", and etc.

    This could either be a reference to the fact that many regions of Poland and/or Ukraine were under Austro-Hungarian rule at the beginning of the war, or this could've simply stemmed from the fact that the game developers are German. :/