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    You start a war in RP and you have your intel and everything about enemy strenght. Other countries can join as long as it does not upset balance of power in the war .

    if i'd want to play chess, i'd play chess so we can have "balance of power in the war", however this game is about war and includes diplomacy, improve your diplomacy abilities if you can't stand other countries, specially in a RP, to join the war against you

    Resupplying 1 nation by half of map, helping him by giving or takign provinces is forbidden. Same as harvesting morale. Some resource help is avalaible but is very restricted.

    Same with time for war and number of provinces you can take. Those is RPs I am playing have clear rules against Push and Bash.

    as i already said, if you see someone breaking the rules you already know they exist, report it and GO's we'll look into it

    all the RP games i played didn't include any of those rules, and trust me, they were complicated and long ones, sometimes over 15 or 20 pages of pdf

    banning diplomacy in a RTS MMO it's not an option

    anyway - scale effect is always taking place when you have rules like bytro ones and those rules force people to create friednpacks or wolfpacks ( depends on number of players) just to survive initial period. Will you be able to get to day 150 in 500 map without a single friend you have taken provinces, armeis nad resoruces from? DO not count using GMs and exploits to win. Answer that question and you will have idea how the game changed for the last 3 -4 years.

    i do agree however is harder to win alone now than it was 5 years ago

    well it is sure that most of them will drop and personally for me- if they drop in a first day or 50th day- it still gives opponent huge advantage. especialy when we are toe to toe in a war and he gets 100% ++ more provinces , 10%++ armies , 10% morale and 200%++ resources for free just to prolong his already lost existence.

    IN RP there is a rule you do not support fighting sides till war is over. Could be a solution in normal maps too.

    other games have daily limits how much trade you can make with disadvantage to one side. This somehow controls idea of single day push.

    well, unless they are not used to play supremacy they'll drop as you say, however, the general thing is that players play with their friends and they usually stand still until they win or they lose, so the common thing is when already defeated they just give the resources to an ally, i agree it's a boost, but it's from an ally that's been playing the game along you, not just someone who didn't care about the game and just handed his resources

    in the RP i played, and there's been a good amount of them, we didn't have such a rule of not supporting fighting, that would kill diplomacy, what RP do you play when you can't use the diplomacy?

    generally the game is not a 1v1, if you want a 1v1, you go to the 1v1 map, but if you join others, there will be other players making alliances and you'll have to adapt and do whatever is needed(respecting the rules) to win, you can't just lock the diplomacy because you are fighting someone else, that's nonsense

    in general it is very hard to get proper evedences to prove it

    you don't have to get them, that's our job, just report the guy you are suspicious about and a GO will look into it

    I had guys taking their alliacne members and eating them later- rules were not broken

    it's complicated, if you and a friend of yours join a game and play it normally and let's say your friend gets tired of playing it and wants to quit, if he leaves you his resources and territory that's not pushing, but if you and a friend of yours join a game and you play it normally but your friend is there only to aid you, with no intention to really playing or even winning, then that's pushing

    lately I saw harvesting morale on friendlies - no answer since days, and evidences are all over the newspaper.

    i'm personally trying to get this added under the same rule of capital farming, if harvesting morale for provinces is not allowed, why should harvesting morale for units be allowed? until it gets added, and i hope it will, i'm afraid we can't do much about it

    this couple of days when those player have advantage and no action is taken

    if you see a player that is taking advantage unfairly and which is against the rules, please, report him and a GO will look into it

    I also heard you guys do nto have numbers to do everything. Is it taken into consideration that bytro will raise number of GOs?

    recruiting GO's and Mods is not something Bytro does, it's up to the MA of every server how he handles his team, if he thinks he needs more GO's or Mods, then he'll make a post asking for volunteers. there's no limit about how many volunteers a team can have

    first it was 50, then it was 7 and now it's 40, i think it's not possible to go over 40 in a single alliance, but what you need it for?

    do you intend to play a challange with another alliance in a map of 100 players?

    i can understand that you want to make a larger community from it but i don't know, 40 players per alliance, taking in count the normal challenge is the 5v5...

    Retired hero is a rank for all those members who, as volunteers, helped in the support team and sadly they are not in the team anymore.

    This was already introduced in CoW a few years ago, I myself have the Retired Hero title there

    is not much, but again, details

    depends on how you won, the bug is only the text saying you lost, but the system registers a win

    however you can check in your achievements if you got medals the day the game ended, if you do not see the medal it was supposed to give you then send a ticket to support and ask for it by giving the game ID and explaining the issue

    oh, forgot that you may be talking about the game LOL

    planes, go with bombers or spam more subs than him, but bombers should be, true tho, if he's an experienced player and also a very active one, planes can be useless as he'll just split and make you lose the round

    i wouldn't suggest investing in ships as the enemy will go to sleep at some point and you'll be able to catch him with bombers