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    Regarding the tabs, i'd love if the game would open in a new tab instead of loading from the website, like the old did. I really don't like the back and forth idea from game to website and vice versa

    I usually dont play with coalitions but I can see the value of this feature is this not included in the diplomatic view in the revamped UI?

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    i saw there's a button for Country relations, but it just show yours, would be nice if it'd show the relations according to coalitions or just create another button

    it'd only be available when coalitions are set as allowed in-game

    basically you should be able to turn it on/off from the configuration button near chat button

    it'd show the countries are inside a coalition, even with the view, it should still show the borders of each country, so you understand which one is it, it shouldn't show the coalition as a whole but as a group of countries

    now that with the revamp we're allowed to Zoom Out a lot, it could be really useful

    This is actually done on purpose. With all those scouting infs being scattered on an average S1914 map the army stack infos would just clutter the whole screen. That's why we decided to remove the counter for this case only.

    i guess i'll get used to it but :(

    if you have more than 1 unit, it shows the total numer of units, but if you have just 1 it doesnt show the number

    it does seem confusing to me, you either use the numbers or you dont, at first sight i thought there were no units there as I was still processing the info on the way it worked when the system always kept 1 infantry per city

    there was another problem with league- winning bigger maps = more poitns in the league

    so it was point grinding based on activity and S&S for the alliance I know, not to much strategy, thinking, planning - only reactive play based on activity

    if the account sitting is removed from the equation i dont see the harm on having it by the most active, at the end its a real time game, how else would you like to win, by spending the same amount of time? that would just ruin the game experience in my opinion, i do like to face oppenents that sets a challenge just by their activity

    I am not sure but small europe 10 players looks liek the most balance map in a whole supremacy , like a clear chessboard with everyone having even chances. If we can add GM free feature to it and allow ie. ELO free games then I am guessing most of work is done.


    when it comes to work of support - some teams are better than others and that is the way how it goes. If the teams can agree to have same set of rules for every server , original written down on DE org ENG serwer, that could be useful as some interpret Bytro Rules as they understand them and this creates chaos and confusion.

    you wont believe this but we do have the same rules for every server as they are meant to just be translated and then copy-pasted, true tho some are more specific than others, new terms raise as users get creative xD

    1. they were reported but the games were lost anyhow

    2. yes

    3. account-sitting, main problem when it comes to S&S

    points from 3 to 6 in your statement, it all seem to be pretty avoidable if the support team do their job properly

    i don't really think losing more or less ELO in the "new" system is a problem but i do understand your point as I know how it worked before it

    use of GM's can be, if previously approved, to be checked by the support team in order to keep games out of gold users

    truth be told, i loved how the Supremacy Alliance League worked, didn't like the warchest tho but that's another topic(glad they took it out), all those matches being constantly played just by setting a search of what type of matches you want to play and also ranking up in leagues, amazing job they did there, including the no-gold option as you mention, but i also believe they made a terrible mistake with the warchest and therefore with how the league worked. the fact that as a free player you couldn't add the gold you win from games, sincerely, that was a bad move, yet again glad they removed the warchest

    In Supremacy League, I believe this was the name, there was option to buy GM free game/limited GM use games. Not sure exactly how it worked but I heard of it being used.

    the cost was 25k Gold per team if i remember correctly

    /knows betetr exploits.

    Bugs, exploits,errors - in general it is known that team with better knowledge of game mechanic and its faults is better suited for winning.

    if you see any team using exploits just report it and it will eventually cost the game and maybe the account for them

    account run 24h/day by group of players.

    i understand you mean account-sitting, which is also punishable

    where account ( not person) with more time for S&S wins.

    i think i do not really get the point here, you mean multiple persons with 1 account, right?

    ok, so this is weird

    i was clicking near the borders of Sidi Barrani in a 31p map when suddenly while clicking maybe like 10/15km away from the coast of the province, the game selected it.

    my first thought was, ok, the witish edge in the sea, between the province and high seas, it's part of the province which would also be weird because it shouldn't but whatever

    but, here is where the things goes really weird, i wanted to make a gif using gyazo to have proof that clicking in the witish edge selects the province so I did the gif, but the gif doesn't show what i see in-game as i clearly see that i'm clicking at a considerable distance from the province, so something's wrong, either i'm crazy or there's something that changed between the game and the gif

    i tried it twice, first one doing it at a normal level on the withish edge, second one going as far as possible from the province but still in the witish area, check it out

    first -

    second -

    wouldn't seem that hard to me to set a filter where you have different tags for each type of filter you want to add and then just turn them on or off on your convenience, however i'm not a developer so it may be harder than i think but it looks easy tho

    Agreed that colours feels strange when in-game, but personally my only concern about them is the user being able to see the information of the game clearly no matter the colour, and that's not 100% accurate by now so it needs some improvement.

    i also agree the game looks just like Conflict of Nations, i never liked its style, let's see if with the few differences between them i can handle it in s1914