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    That can't be true!?

    Color blindness affects a large number of individuals, with protans and deutans being the most common types. In individuals with Northern European ancestry, as many as 8 percent of men and 0.4 percent of women experience congenital color deficiency.

    In the United States, about 7 percent of the male population—or about 10.5 million men—and 0.4 percent of the female population either cannot distinguish red from green, or see red and green differently from how others do

    Sure see attached from a game I'm playing now. The last update added text showing the % increase to money production of a Propaganda office now. It also shows up when you look at a province with the "i" and it will show the % increase from any propaganda offices on that provinces $$ amount.

    Then all that remains is to wait for them to add in the desktop version too :)

    This is how it is shown right now in S1

    However this is how I think it should be showed, your own in the top so you can always tell where are you in the ranking and how far are you from the top:

    In the case of the TOP 5 ranking displayed in the main page, your own rank should be displayed as the last one of those 5, like:

    Rank Name Score
    1 Name 1 100000
    2 Name 2 10008
    3 Name 3 10007
    4 Name 4 10006
    5 Name 5 10005
    1542 Your own name 5000

    Right now this is intended to avoid that players base their strategic decisions simply on player activity. I admit this is not ideal in terms of communicating though.

    Besides of communicating, which is an issue itself yes because if I write to someone and he doesn't reply I don't know if it is because he deliberatily refuses to answer or because he doesn't connect anymore.

    It is important also to know whether you are attacking someone where you'll get points for the Hall of Fame or not, or if you are wasting your time playing against bots or you are actually playing against humans.

    I understand why would you want players to not know if they are attacking a bot or a human but I don't see your decision as fair-play to be honest.

    Hey there nemuritor98 ,
    I am not sure what this gif is supposed to share (I assume for bug reporting?). Maybe uploading the gif at different site and sharing it here might be an option.

    Yes, both gifs I tried to upload were for bug reporting, would the uploaded gif weight less in a different site than gyazo? Because if it is for the link gyazo already gives you a link, the only thing is gifs are not embedded here so the only way to see it directly without leaving the page is as an attachment


    <a href=""><img src="" alt="Image from Gyazo" width="1212"/></a>

    [![Image from Gyazo](](

    I've been playing for over a year now, but in all my gaming practice, I have never made peace with bots. They say it is possible. You change diplomatic status with the bot from war to peace and wait for the bot to calm down and do the same. I couldn't do it, so maybe it's a rumor

    Not a rumour, that's how it works, of course you need to stop attacking that country, otherwise it won't happen.

    I see, infastructure upgrade is the only way. However, this requires a lot of time and resources of course. Until that point, I will have to be able to supress rebellions and at the same time to defend against the counter-attacks of the enemy because it's 100% certain that they're gonna try re-capture their lost province. So, What should I do during upgrades? Establishing a strong military power in the area is the only thing that comes to my mind. Is there something else I can do?

    Not much else, usually leaving 2-3 units would be enough although rarely it can need up to 5-6

    Thanks for your answer nemuritor98.

    What is propaganda office and where i can find it? Also, what is rss? Like I said I'm a begginer.

    Sorry, I mixed games, I should be careful on whether its S1914 or S1, my bad.

    In S1914 the fastest way to upgrade morale is, with buildings, by buildings forts, +5% each level, meaning +25% at max, I personally suggest, if you have the rss(resources) go for a level 2, generally that is what you should aim for in all your provinces, a level 2 fort. Level 2 forts also hide your units from the enemy view.

    Just as you said, harbours improve the morale, factories do too and also railways, if i'm not mistaken I think it is +7/+8(+2 per level)/+7, been a while, might be a little incorrect.

    Something else to improve your morale is conquering capitals, conquering a capital gives you instant +10%, therefore, whenever you can when conquering a country ruled by the AI, the capital is the last province you want to get so all your conquered provinces go from 25% to 35% and therefore out of the range of rebellions. Risk of rebellion appear when morale is lower than 33%.

    Nowadays one should try to connect with players in the most major platforms possible, a few years ago they tried with Reddit but quit, I think it was a good idea, just like now I think it is a good idea to make an official discord server of the game

    PS: Something that specially calls for the Discord server in S1 is that chat here doesn't look as appealing as in the other games and having it open while playing is even a bit annoying :)

    Yep, just like you've seen it in the title, when selecting 1 province you get a timer of how much it will take for the unit you choose to be completed, example:

    However when you select more than 1 province to produce all at once, the timer disappears, example:

    Now one could say that those 2 provinces have different, in this case, factory levels, buuut that's not the case, this are the 2 provinces I selected:

    For those of you who are curious, what happens if you select a third province with a different factory level? Well, you guessed it right, the timer doesn't appear either.

    Workarounds for this?

    Well, when the factory has the same level, just add the normal timer.

    When the factory has different levels, taking in count there are 4 levels that boost production speed, I'd show the lowest level(the one that takes more time than the rest) and add a note saying that higher level factories may produce the unit faster)

    In the extensions allowed I see .gif as one of them, however I think we have a problem here, a full extended gif of Gyazo weights around 10MB, right now I'm not sure the exact limitation but I don't think it goes over 2MB, would it be possible to improve that so we can add gifs?

    Do we have other options that creates easy gifs with less weight? The same gif in .mp4 weights about 3MB but I understand that you wouldn't allow the upload of .mp4 files.

    Additional info: in the Gyazo settings I have Gifs set up to 1280x720 final resolution

    8. Also not a bug, but my wish. Introduce a new icon to the diplomacy screen to represent players who are inactive in a match. At the moment, this icon does not exist in the game, although it is badly needed. In the same way, you can enter the icon of inactive players on the map, as it was done in Supremasi 1914. I think this is necessary (Screenshot. All players are inactive except me. However, their badges say they are active in the match.)

    It doesn't even need a new icon Arcorian , just change its color, for example.

    Own: grey
    Active: green
    Inactive: red

    Problem solved.