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    I am open to suggestions on how to properly document and reproduce this bug for purpose of future fairness in melee among players.

    Easy, you need 1 attacker and at least 2 defenders. Get 100 infantry to attack 1 city where it has 2 defenders, one of them being the owner and the other one and ally of the owner, they'll have 50 infantry each.

    Do that a few times and if you want to see even more disparity, add different defenders keeping the same total amount of infantry, if there are 4 defenders and the total is 100, then 25 each.

    Run some tests.

    In order to compare the results, do the same outside a city, in plain road.

    Allegledly, you should see a big difference in results.

    No need for any fortress or buildings in the city

    There's something everyone should keep in mind, even if Bytro's games are slightly different, the updates are the same, I myself I'm always very curious to see how updates are perceived in each game and usually the reaction is the same.

    Take a look: Market, trades and coalitions & Elite AI for all

    Now that you will fight against the elite AI, you might want to know about your standing with the AI more often to avoid unexpected attacks. We have got you covered, as you now find the global popularity indicator in your nation profile giving you exactly that information!

    • We added a global popularity indicator to the player profile showing the current standing of the player with the AI.

    You didn't add anything new, this was already part of the rounds with Elite AI, the only new thing is that now we don't have to pay 5.000GM for it.

    As my fellows explained, you basically killed roleplay and even if you killed alliance games in 2015, with this update you made sure they are dead.

    Instead of making people, smartly, to need to indirectly use the diplomacy in a war game, you want it to be a childish game forcing people into coalitions and making them behave like 12 years old kids not allowing their friends to play with others outside their own group.

    Finally, in order to add another layer of realism to Supremacy 1914 and make the game experience more balanced and fair to all players we took a look at trading in the game. The result are several changes like the removal of unit trading or limitations to resource trading with players outside of one’s own team or coalition (see the list below for details).

    As everyone already told you, this is not adding another layer of realism, it could add some beauty to the text, but it's false, balanced yes, and fair, well, that's arguable.

    Do you know anything about the plane patrol exploit or the flower bouquet exploit? Ijust saw them mentioned in Sckopen's damage stack bug thread. I hadn't heard of them but it sounds like they belong in here.

    Yes, plane patrol doesn't belong to this game but it will to S1, flower bouquet exploit, i'll explain it soon if no one does.

    I'll send you the link in private as I suspect I'm not allowed to show it in public.

    Regarding the combat thing you mention, it'd be indeed a "missing feature" instead of a bug as it always worked the way you explain, basically, if an enemy attacks a city that has no own garrison, the enemy will take the city even if it has allies in it and then fight your ally, keeping fortress bonus for the first round for your ally but removing it for the next rounds.

    I've seen some requests, just as yours, so they change that so ally units fight even if there's no own garrison, but there hasn't been official news about that yet or even confirmation that they are planning to change it.

    If I remember correctly they introduced the defending bonus for allies in 2013 and it always worked like that.

    you are correct, as in-game, the rank is related to the points you have, forum rank to forum points and game rank to game points

    retired veteran is a special rank that isn't related to points

    You got a link to the resource slider thing? No way they won't fix that...

    A link to what exactly, the error pop-up?

    Well, it's not just that's been almost 3 years since the bug appeared but also that their new game, which was supposed to be the major content update scheduled for summer 2019 for supremacy1914, don't have the resource slider. Aside of that, internall, it had the note of not getting fixed.

    The one in the new UI that causes you to lock all of your sliders and the resource percentage adjustment field if you use the resource slider for too long. Drives me insane. The workaround that I find to be effective for this is to move the slider just enough to get a decent adjustment, declick the slider and then readjust. Rinse and repeat that until you get the exact adjustment you want. But the key is to not use the slider for too long or use it too fast. Such an awful bug.

    the well-known problem with resource sliders i guess

    it also happens in legacy and last news was that they weren't going to solve it, sadly.

    Thank you for your input, but the thread is more focused towards those bugs that can be exploitable, not those that are simply a pain in the ass :S

    The most basic one that almost everyone knows about and that with the years it became a kind of accepted feature is the Hit and Run or also known as Shoot and Scoot.

    Basically, when using range units and you are almost placed in range to shoot the enemy, if you send the attack order, shoot and then give the order to move back, you'll be able to hit the enemy while also avoiding damage to your units.


    As we are now allowed to talk about and use the bugs and exploits of the game, unless the developers releases an announcement banning a specific bug/exploit, I think it's time that the community makes a list of known bugs/exploits.

    Who knows, maybe community's wisdom will share some light into the dark hole that exploits and bugs itself are.

    We'll use this first post as the post of the list, so in case I'm nowhere to be seen in the time to come, I invite the support team to keep the thread updated by editing the list if the thread still active in the future.

    That being said, there's already been a discussion about one of the most important bugs these days that prevents alliance games to work the way they should due to the bug affecting the combat system, this being, the defensive combat bug.

    This thread is open not only for discussion but also, I invite everyone that wants to share their knowledge about bugs/exploits here so we can all try to play under, more or less, the same gameplay field.

    I understand that some of you may refuse to share your knowledge as it can be part of your strategy, that's ok too.

    IMPORTANT: When presenting a bug/exploit, try to add evidences on how to reproduce it, explain how it works, all that stuff, if possible. We don't want to confuse features with bugs.

    The gifs I provided are the answer to your appeal, the units aren't going faster than usual, they are teleporting.

    I'll soon be taking another AI country, I'll try to provide you with more GIFS

    it is not due to a loss of connection

    if you check the gifs, the game is connected and it even check status and confirms that is connected once before the move is done

    plus, aside of the check status, you can try it yourself

    place the units, start war, let first round of arty hit the enemy, the enemy will get out of the city, move your units towards the province, the enemy AI units will teleport closer to your army

    check your status to see if connected while you try it

    PS: if that would be the case, a loss of connection, all units would move to their position after the first move


    i just declared war against the country(an AI)

    i didn't use the word "just" because microwaves

    i just declared war against the country(an AI), i checked all the provinces before declaring war, in those that didn't hide troops due to fortress, it had 15 in the city, the moment i declared war and first artys shoot, AI units moved. but this particular unit didn't move like the rest, it teleported way forward

    the bug is triggered when moving the units(my units) that are in front of them, towards the city,

    here an example:

    here's another example:

    when having infantry+artillery, with the aggresive mode, if you split the units so the infantry moves and the artillery remains static & shooting, infantry won't move, even if it shows the order was given and it shows an ETA

    probably happens the same with all the range units