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    • I really think there should be a limit on GOLDMARK in maps or only able to use it for certain upgrades or cosmetic things in game, as it can be classed as an addiction like gambling heres an example of how bad it can be:

      This is only on Day 7 of the map n i worked out that to do all the stuff the player must of spent British £350+ in 2 days as the guy West Libya sent me a land trade out of the blue saying he was quitting, when i asked why he told me he was winning against East Algeria then bang suddenly all these Cavalry n Armored cars started appearing n when u check the paper EA captures a prov then straight away boosts morale to 100%, builds Barracks, Fort n other upgrades instantly, so to build all these things without the resources u have to use GM n EA player must have used alot, i hate to think what will happen once player can build tanks, planes n ships

      Safe to say ive archived the map as im not giving someone like that the satisfaction of winning against an active player n im not wasting my time trying to beat him only being on day 7, by the time day 30 comes if not before player will have map won

      Im not going to name the player but all im going to say is hes only played under 3 games

      Plus my WIFE would kill me if i spent all that money on a FREE browser game lol

    U think u have an out of hand Goldmark user check this out:

    I've worked out that he must of spend close to £350+ British and its only day 7 on the map, ive archived it now as u just cant compete against that, i can only imagine what it will be like once he can build planes n ships OMG its giving me the boak thinking about it lol the best bit is hes only played 2 games n had 1 coalition victory(prob bought the win) lol