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    If this is a game that is meant to have all nations expand and conquer through aggression then why does morale give you negative modifiers for being at war and negative modifiers for how far away territory is from your territory? Seems like if they wanted you to go to war and wanted you to expand they wouldn't make your morale go down for doing so.

    I say me and I because I speak for myself. I am sure many other players are experiencing the same issues that I am and they make just as little sense when they do.

    I do not believe that is the case, whenever I take a new territory my resources are immediately affected whether it be an increase of a certain resource or a decrease in food from having more population. Provinces revolting is NOT a bonus as they require me to backtrack to conquer territory on its best days and on its worst it becomes a part of a nation that I'm not even at war with.

    As for increasing morale, unless you are spending money, it is impossible to build any of those buildings you have listed there in less than a day so revolts happen quite frequently regardless.

    First off let me point out, I really enjoy this game. I've played for awhile now and I've started to notice a few features that seem completely illogical. The largest of these being Morale. In a specific game I am playing this issue is rampant. I have at least one or two provinces a day revolt for reasons that I do not understand at all. I have 5 units on each and a large surplus of resources on a daily basis yet on top of the revolts I am constantly finding my troops doing poorly because they have low morale.

    Looking at the negative modifiers I have for province morale I find myself perplexed.

    I am given a negative modifier for distance from my capital but how does that make any logical sense? Does anyone else in their day to day life find themselves dispirited from being far away from their capital because I surely do not. And a simple rebuilding of my capital fixes this? Where is the logic here? My province literally adjacent to my capital has a negative modifier for distance from my capital... they are RIGHT NEXT TO IT!?

    I am given a negative modifier for being in a war yet I have won every single battle and have not even had to retreat once. Why is victory so disheartening to my troops? Shouldn't they be celebrating with high morale?

    Lastly, I am given a negative modifier for "neighbors". Now I'm not quite sure what they mean by this but if I am peacefully living next to another nation why do I have a negative modifier for it? As well, I have controlled some of these provinces for over a week now yet I still have negative modifiers for "neighbors". Then on top of that, if the neighboring province is at war with me, I get a SECOND negative modifier for ENEMY NEIGHBORS? How does that make any sense whatsoever?

    Can someone please explain this to me? Morale seems to be completely and utterly illogical and I think it is a necessary and important part of the game that we have no control over whatsoever. We really don't have any options either to increase morale other than spending money as buildings only seem to increase the maximum morale. It just doesn't make sense.