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    I sent a bug report regarding the barrage 0/1000. It doesn’t get any priority at this point according to the community manager who wrote the reply.

    I find it rather unfortunate though, but also hold some kind of understanding towards it. Hopefully it will start updating once I got all the other requirements in place. I’ve probobly killed atleast 100M men in this game (100k counting single platoons) So it shouldn’t be too problematic to get it worked out when all the other requirements are met.

    Dang.. I just realized I wrote to the S1 forums.. I thought I was replying to a S1914 thread. I’m not familiar with the differences between S1 and S1914, and my statement above can be disregarded, if the game mechanic vastly differs.

    I’ll try to tread more carefully in the future


    I honestly completely disagree with you on the topic of removing the moral penalty for waging multiple wars. One of the true strengths of the game are the fact that it gets harder and harder to pull ahead during the game. When one nation are pulling far ahead of the others or making some cheating manouvers like multi accounting and attacking all the surrounding nations in order to expand the “main”, it’s great that the rest of the playerbase has a tool they can utilize to penalize such plays.

    Back in the day when the AI wasn’t “elite”, you were able to dictate your relationship by either giving them right of way or peace, and after 3 days, they’d do the same with you. Elite AI seems to interact with the “popularity” of your nation. The popularity decreases everytime you start a war against another nation. Perhaps changing the ability to interact with “natural” could be a good thing, as they pretty much seems to exist for the players ability to expand without doing PVP right off the bat, and to be some moral improvements after long battles..

    Unfortunately a lot of players tends to go AI.. and most of them seem to have brand new accounts.

    To be honest, I’m not sure that the Goldmark are the real reasons for Bytro declining revenue. Back in the day when I joined S1914 playing on my browser, browsergames were skyrocketing. Games like Settlers online, Ikariam, CNC Tiberium wars (or something) was out, and then I found S1914. It had the time sink elements of a browser game, but the games had an end. In addition, the games allowed you to apply real strategic thinking, and you had to utilize a combination of military tactic, economic understanding, and diplomatic skills. Even with its flaws, the game suited me very well. I remember sitting at a desktop computer, studying with S1914 running in the background, and I was checking it way too often.

    As time goes by, our habits changes. New platforms has come available, and we don’t play games the same way we used to. Unfortunately Bytro are late to the party when it came to entering the mobile market. S1914 and COW delivered a game that was rather unique, atleast to my knowledge. When I quit the game back in 2016, it was because other stuff required my attention, and spending vast amount of time in front of my desktop computer were no longer an option.

    What I think Bytro should do, are to make sure that mobile platform gets as good as it possible can be. Invest far more resources into it, and make sure the appeal are so strong that the jungle telegraph will do more work for them then whatever marketing can do. At the moment, the mobile platform are very much inferior to the browser experience, and the mobile platform shouldn’t get the same treatment as the browser experience. The mobile platform has it’s unique abilities, and Bytro should try to utilize it’s strength instead of making it as close as an adoption as possible. In addition, Bytro should make the tablet version a dedicated tablet version, instead of a scaled mobile version.

    WIth the ability to reach an extensive playerbase through the mobile market, it’s far more likely they will encounter more players who will open their wallets. From what I’ve heared, about 90% of revenues comes from whales. Thats why S1914 and every other mobile game that has a broad appeal, try to get the whales online and have them feed on the smaller fishes. This naturally upsets the general community.

    If you take HC as an example, it’s a brilliant way to add annual revenue into the company. Giving access to fire mode and “the full game experience” are a really neat touch. As previously mentioned in the thread, getting more advanced statistics would be a nice touch aswell. It would add more value to the HC in itself. If you are able to generate a high enough playerbase that wants the HC, because it’s great.. then you’re starting a positive spiral.

    Back in 2014 we had a lot more “features” like tournaments, alliance tournaments, and it was a lot of stuff going on, wich was great for the time being. Back then, I felt the abuse came to the “gold” rounds in itself. Removing such great features, instead of expanding on them, indicates to the playerbase that the game are dying. Bytro with it’s mobile commitment should focus on getting their product as good as it possible can be on all platforms, and add old features back and expand upon them. Give the playerbase a “reason” to subscribe, and pay the subscription fees. Bring us some exiting HC features like customization.. Have the East Asians wear East Asian uniforms from that era. Let us have more game rules (that are not only limited to speed), where they can be utilized as an event. Setting up different rules can allow different units to shine. The introduction of cavalry are great!

    I saw Mesopotamia has come out, and I’ve yet to play that map, and are really exited. I’ll just wrap up some of my current maps, and I’m ready to rumble.

    I’m just starting to realize that this became a wall of text.

    Have a nice day


    Factual information:

    -The “show province moral” option can be found in settings.. You need to toggle it on and off depending on what you want to view.

    - Coalitions can be found under the coalition tab under diplomacy

    - Checking a players profile. ~ go to diplomacy, find your player, and tap him. This take you from relationship view to diplomacy. Then tap the (i) icon. That transfer you to the players profile page.

    - Telegrams: Go to diplomacy, tap the player you want to send a telegram to, and click the envelop button.

    - Trade offers: If you want to make someone an offer, then you have to select the player, and the envelope and then click a trade button. From there you’ll get a menu telling what you want to offer (relationship, province or resources)


    -The best improvement to the mobile interface, would be if the game differs from army selection and province selection. And doesn’t deselect your armies and provinces, and you tap the X button when you’re done. This makes stuff far more manageble.

    -We should also have some hotkeys on the left side looking similar to the globe and bell buttons in game, where you “select all armies on screen, and automatically puts you into army selection mode, and gives you the option to deselect units.” Same thing with provinces. We don’t have a mouse cursor, so having a feature like that, makes stuff far more manageable.

    -On my tablet, I would prefer if I could view the game from the “horizontal” view, like on a laptop. On the mobile, the Vertical view works great.

    Missing features:

    -The most important missing features on mobile are the ability to read damage output of your army. You can’t see battle stats of your army group (ranged damage/mellee damage). This gives the PC users a significant edge over the mobile users.

    -Create game ~ mobile users can’t create their own games (yet, hopefully)

    Hopefully this helped

    Also, would like to add: Instead of “long taps” for multiple province selection, i would like the “short tap, then add a selection to add province, and just short tap around to add the provinces to your selection” this will make it easier to multiple select provinces across the board.

    Back in the days, I felt the updates were more frequent aswell.. The achievements are really fun to work towards, and as an achievement hunter (currently working on tanks) I’m sharing the frustration. I’m trying to keep the count myself.. thanks the awesome work of the volunteer team, I was able to get an update yesterday on my tank count.

    Gratz for winning the 500pl map.

    However thats not the greatest stack in history, but it sure is a great stack. Give it a solid 14 days with recruiting and, you’ll probobly get it.

    Back in 2016 I had a stack of 35M men. I was trying to win by economy, due to not wanting to attack into my allies to end the game. Eventually I missed out on 50 points and wasn’t able to pull it off. So it ended up in a short war.

    Well done mate. Now you can finally relax after months of dedication, rivalization.

    Hey. I have some ideas in regards to improvements of the tablet and mobile interface of the game. I was really happy when I found Supremacy in the AppStore a few weeks ago, since it literally made me able to play the game again. However I found the app to be quite clunky and it certainly affects the playability of the game. I also invited a friend to join me on my adventures who were brand new to the game, and the interface isn’t very intuitive in that regard.

    First of all, when you’re selecting a big army, then I think you should be able to toggle a “show” button next to the unit image Where all you units in the group are listed. Within the “show” you will get all the battle stats, like power, damage etc.. This is very important knowledge and can influence your decisions.

    There’s a globe on the top right side where your can toggle in and out of the map, along with an activity button. Use the same are below to set up hotkeys.

    - When in multiple army selection mode, disable the ability to toggle provinces. We only want to select armies when you’re in that mode. Toggling a province deselect all your armies, that you’ve tapped on.

    - increase the scale when building a harbor. Right now it’s very easy to miss lick where you want to build your harbor. Make it easier to tap the right location. This can be solved by appointing the harbor location a number, then you select the number on the top right side, listed from top to bottom.

    I would like to have an option to “select all armies on screen”. Since we can’t use a mouse cursor to select units, it would be great to have the ability to select all units on screen option. then we go straight into “multiple army select mode” and deselect those we don’t want to toggle. Same option would be very helpful for “select provinces on screen”, particularly in the late game. The selections could be listed below the activity bell.

    With the multiple select mode, you can actually remove the “split” that occurs when you’re trying to select units in close proximity to one another.

    Allright, I hope theese suggestions are taken into consideration.

    Have a good day

    (I’m not uploading screenshots due to the limitation of 1.5 MB.. My screenshot that I drew on, where not eligible)

    I just came back aswell.. and quit in 2016. I just wonder, where can I find the High command? And what happened to the lucky reel? We were able to get some free days of HC every now and then back then.