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    Hi all, I only just now realised how rewards work and I got a suggestion, since I believe the current system rewards players for being total dicks.

    Here's an example:

    I have 900 points.

    My coallition has 1400 points.

    Let's say I have a good day and I'll know I'll hit 1000 points mark. My coallition will make 1500. We will win.

    Based on current rewards system I get 2500 GM only.

    However, if I decide to backstab my coallition mate, I can leave the coallition (let's say 1 min before day change, to avoid risks of retaliation).

    I'll be top player in the map reaching 1000 points. I win solo, I will make 3600 + 1000 points = 4600 GM. Almost double as previous scenario.

    It doesn't sound right and as I stated above, being a dick would be highly rewarding.

    And with this it comes a dilemma - Even if I don't leave my coallition and play nice, my biggest rival that's on the opposite coallition might decide to go solo. So by the time he reaches 1000 points, he decides to go solo and gets the 4600 GM reward. And then there's me, with lets' say 1200 or something points, getting the coallition 2nd place reward which is 1000 GM only.

    This is incredilbly unbalanced, unfair and promotes coallition backstabbing.

    My suggestion is that individual rewards should always happen and coallition should be something added on top of that.

    This way, not only I won't leave my coallition, I also know that I'll win the MVP reward regardless of how good my coallition is.

    Thanks for reading.


    as stated below, my example isn't valid since you can't have more than 2000 points in a map. I did not know that.

    In that case any of the edge cases I was thinking about won't ever happen.

    Funny enough, the my biggest rival in my current map is struggling to beat me and so he just declared war against his mates and is now going solo. Oh well