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    Did I say I never did? First time when I started, I went crazy, with spending. Got outplayed and lost. Had my lessons.

    Its not about the players spending it, but how game allows it at ridiculous levels. But, its business and they know how to make profit the most. I will just finish what started and wont look back if nothing will change. BTW I love how game is designed, I kind of care, that's why Im moanish. Im talking from player standpoint.

    They should limit some GM options, as blowing up provinces, repair units after fight ( player most likely already bought it) fortress building in few seconds, cos its changes everything. Then player could work out smth. Now you just do whatever you want with cash.

    Regards mate

    Okay, apparently you said that. I'm just restating it again.

    Bytro won't change anything that hurt their profits. Like Hastings said previously, ^^^.

    Well, in all honesty, let's not forget that as a species, we did not see in COLOURS until 1962 or so. Until we managed to evolve, the entire world was in black and white. Just look at some of the old movies, you'll see what I mean. 8):S:saint:

    Furry, once again, you talked something that is not relate to this topic, like Buddha said in the other post: "this is another topic that is not related to flowers and probably everything related to judging if sharing information is good or not should go to separate topic where we can develop that discussion. If everyone is happy with that I will ask moderators to move discussion to another topic."

    Please stick to the topic. And I don't know if you are refering LGBTQ2+ people when you use - COLOURS

    I once beat a GM whale by simply taking out a whole bunch of the toys he bought (he knew how to buy them, not how to use them) and then I sent him a little in game message saying, "Hey, win or lose, you're doing great things for my stats. Thank you." He rage quit.....LOL

    That guy deserve that.

    P.S. (If you every said this to me, I will immediately become happy from sad. )

    Thanks for replies. I do not enjoy spending my time,for weeks,months just to get destroyed and without any chance to fight back. Just to squeeze out from players more gm.? I can do it very effectively ,but not for free.

    Bytro PM me, you know who I am, we met before . I will make you a lot of cash,if we team up :)


    Ugh, you finally admit you are a GM spender as well...

    Actually posting images was a non HC featured turned HC (it had been high command prior to 2014 but in the period 2014-2016/2017 it wasn't anyhow it was made HC due to some users uploading the wrong type of images. Sadly another decision to harm the majority of users because a small minority doesn't know how to behave....

    Oh... Anyways, I can upload photo, and it always show in color. No HC for me tho. lol :)

    How do You do that?

    What does it mean to kick inactive players? They just turn into AIs?

    Some players after joining the map, they will quit. When they quit, their country will be automatically controlled by the computer (AI). But the slot is still full because their name is still on the game list. Game admin can kick those players, so that the slot will be empty. And I believe many games before day 7, if the slot is open, new players could join and play that country. To answer your first question, see Hastings's post above mine.

    How to enjoy the game?

    Simple: get some popcorn and sit in the sofa at evening/night, watch people spending tons of GMs on everything. Laugh with joy and count how many GMs he could spend until you sleep. And the next day, doing work first, when you get tired, doing this ^^ again.

    Remember say to yourself before you sleep: This is the most enjoyable game ever! :D

    EEK!!! Always makes me nervous when peoples talk about me. :whistling::/8|

    Yeah, people are the same. But I kinda like you, Furry, with a cat as a profile, always thought you are like a cat and cute. But the fact is you are already 58. :( Maybe old cutie cat then. :) ;)

    It's fine. But it's just wired, you quote my reply and change it to yours.

    The game keeps updating, there is no fixed things. So if you saw a bug or a problem, just file a report, they would do it. But sometimes, it may or may not be a bug, it's just they changed something. Well, it is pretty normal.

    Agreed. :thumbup:Hastings TNT.