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    Thanks for reply. I know a bit messy language I got, pardon me. too fast too serious I;m trying to type .

    Will try again.

    I attacked with lets say 50 troops + 5 arty stack to enemy fortress, I seen on rails ??? enemy stack outside of fortress , on his province borders. I thought he keeps troops there just so he can pull them to 1 of the 2 provinces for support if needed,as railguns just could not be build timewise yet,and he had only 8 provinces, would not have resources also, but I were wrong,some witchcrafting happend and he got 3 railguns there. Had to check press reports, my fault.In fortress where I launched attack were only troops. What I thought is a bug.I could see ??? unit on those borders,but never seen any fire shot at me. Im watching my arty working on fortress, and then just disappearing arty and troops,stack reducing . If enemy shoots at me cannot balls, I should be able to see them, but I never seen any flying cannon ball on my way.

    Thanks for answers a bit got tilted. I got over it :D Waste of time fighting against GM.

    Thanks, this is clear. So one possible answer is he used many GMs (gold marks). If your game is shorter than day 15, that means he must use many GMs, otherwise there is no way he could produce 3 railguns such early in game.

    To answer your second question, the fact is if you can't see enemy artillery or railguns, you are not able to see their cannon balls or bullets; once you can fully see the enemy troops, you are then able to see the cannon balls. Until that, all you can see are question marks. (because your troops can not detect how many and what type of enemy there.)

    (My previously answer, I thought you know the enemy, but seems like I was wrong.) ^^^, this is correct.

    Crazy mind but smart.

    On another game I play, there is something called a 'FOBY' culture (Find Out By Yourself) which I strongly agree with. The concept behind it is to have strict moderation on the content provided on the forum so that people will enjoy mastering the game gradually & naturally over time and those who put in effort, and therefore gain the more superior skills, will be rewarded with massive amounts of success which will motivate others to try new techniques to catch those elite level guys.

    I have turned down offers of advice from very good players because I would prefer to figure all of these things out on my own and I wouldn't like some guy who joins today with 10 multis to destroy me with the skillset of a 10 year veteran simply because he read 200 words on a web page. That's not how the real world works, and that's not how a complex game like this should work.

    So I recommend any new player who's here for the magic answer to dominate everyone in front of you to actually store some data in an excel sheet and use it to figure out the domination edge on your own. Doing this is way more rewarding than getting spoon fed every skill you desire......

    I know what you meant. But if there's an easy way to do it, would you still prefer to do in your own way (maybe the most complex way)? I'm not asking you question, but it's worth to think about.

    (Off topic: Btw, it is the same thing when our parents teach us, and you don't agree, they are angry but can't change you because there were the same before...) - Off Topic

    (If you don't like it, just don't curse me. This is what I most fear for. LOL)

    Then I have mixed up something, my memory let me down. I seen railgun as ??? but what units it was could not see.What feels silly. Cannon balls landing on me, and I kind of don't see it? disappearing soldiers,arty next to each other,cannon balls wrecking soldiers. what killed them? we don't know ::d

    My mistake I guess, day 13 and he had 3 railguns. Joined 3 games and forgot about this GM BS. 2 game,1 place got 100 provinces at second weak or smth, 2 place 50 + rest lagging behind with those 15 + -.

    3 game. fella builds up 2 bombers and they are untouchable, fixing them with GM after each attack.

    Double check - use to be the bomber set on target I could split the troops and he could not change target, now bomber can change targets at last minute?

    Hello, I'm not really sure what you are saying here. If you see the enemy troops as "?", that means either the enemy is out your range, you can barely see it; OR, the enemies are hiding inside a fortress (needs to be above level 1.5 at least - fortress). If you can see the enemy barely, then you can only see the cannon balls, but not the real troops.

    Disappearing soldiers, maybe it's because your soldiers got killed immediately after march into enemy's artillery fire range (enemy must have many artillery in a stack). Artillery next to each other, because you did not merge them. And I don't really understand what you say next, sorry.

    The bomber actually can change the targets automatically, only bomb on incoming enemy troops. (but maybe you need high commander? Not sure.)

    Hello, actually, most of your ideas are already exist in the game... Maybe you did not notice yet. Maybe you should check the game manual first if you have not done so:

    Thanks for the reply Frank_666 but the fact that this guy WAS able to buy and sell at well beyond the current rates for these resources does exhibit some sort of game rules manipulation. I watched the guy do it and is purchases and sales were not on the stock market lists. He was able to trade with "something" without any disclosure to others.

    I wonder if he is hacking the game? It might be a possibility.

    I only play games which are not require to download anything, could play directly on the website with internet.

    These games are what I also play except this Supremacy 1914 game:

    - Tankwars (io game) -> (website)

    - Krunker (io game as well) -> (website)

    - Curve Fever (io game again:rolleyes:) -> (website)

    I used to play World of Warships and Red Alert 2, these large size games, but due to my laptop limited space, no longer can play them. :(

    Hello all,

    I have a question (maybe this got discussed previously, but I still can't fully understand) on 2 stacks artillery attack the same target.

    So let's say we have two stacks with 50 artillery each. When I order them firing at the same target (let's use the province here) from different direction (so they are not able to merge together), is the total damage, the two stacks have done to the target same as one stack (50 artillery)? And when I put them together (as one stack with 100 artillery), they do the same damage as 50 artillery, right? Is there any difference here?

    Sorry if my question confuse you,

    Thank you,

    Frank Kid

    Also, like Hastings TNT said before, if you are in a a coalition, the default relationship between you and other coalition members are sharing map, it is impossible that your relationship with other nations are trade embargo. It is absolutely wired.

    Have no idea if that ever happens... Maybe some sort of game bugs? Do not know.

    Hello sir,

    Trade embargo ONLY means you can't have any trade (e.g provinces, units, relationships, resources) with other nations.

    Buying or selling resources on stock market have no effect on this. There is nothing in the game that can actually affect the stock market. This means, whatever you do, you are always able to sell and buy resources through the stock market. There is no way you can't do it.

    No one can manipulate the stock market.

    One cool thing is the in game stock market is similar to the real stock market where you could buy at a low price and sell at a higher price, so you are able to get more resources or more money back.

    Hope this helps,

    Frank Kid;)

    Thank you Edwylm for details explanations. I understood.