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    nope doesnt help, my question is. Why is it that, even with a much bigger army, i sustain as many casualties as my opponent.

    Also, ive often attacked with cavalry on top of a stack and they always die first. hell of an investment, such expensive units only for them to always dsie first in combat and also doesnt really affect the fact that i still fucking lose as many troops as my opponent with a smaller army.

    Why is it, that when i attack with a 30-strong stack against 14, i still get as many casualties as my opponent. All the time i attack with larger numbers i still end up with a draw in number of casualties. Sure i win the battle and kill his 14 but i lose 14, why do i never win the battle decisively and only lose 9.
    During a battle like that it also always goes like this:

    30 man gets into battle and does 4 kills but also receives 4 deaths.... WTF why is my 30-stack only doing 4 kills when their power is close to 40.....

    Why is it taking 3 hours to defeat 14 guys when i overpower him by more than double....

    And no, there is no fort.