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    Oops have i started something :)

    Yep many men are colour blind. Rods excessive over cones on the retina or something. BUT there is an advantage in that night vision is superb, well it is with me :) perhaps evolutionary to improve men's sight when out night hunting in the dim and distant "Demanding" past. (Historical) J'me demande?

    Back to Money and Devs. I am on a good 6 core raid graphics PC with fibre connextion and since the mobile access became active i am experiencing a posativley ANNOYING FRAME LAG. Is this that the cause ? i hear from my coalition patrners that the mobile screen actions are in many cases too small to the point of being useless especially in a 500 game. Can Bytro not separate the mobile / PC versions to different games and servers ???? it may also seem that targets of opporunity wandering into range of ARTY and BG's are ignored, what is this a retrograde step or deliberate restriction.

    I am asking freezy for a response or is he too lazy, oops sorry too busy. probably unpaid anyhow.

    Hello. this maybe my first post. I have played for over 10 years. and seen the basic game develop. Good to hear the company is financial;ly "stable" from a designers point of view. I am not too bothered about GM players blowing thier cash, But if this your only profit production as opposed to break even trading then you are comfortable leading to laziness and on to arrogance to your customer base. There in lies your "risk factor".

    But i wish to make a designer point here (ok off topic but):

    1. I am colour blind as are around 25 % of men. 2% of women. The province info button menu shows in orange on grey is near invisible to me most txt is black or white was it a woman who coded that txt over background.? a simple tweak should solve this please?

    2. Also the trade window state "We DEMAND" not a good word to open a trade negotiation, any right minded english speaker would say We Request, a minor point but then you are a GERMAN company huh ! open to customer feedback Nichts Verstehn !!!

    Let the players get thier Ya's Ya's out and ppl trouble will blow over.

    Be careful, very very careful my friends.