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    Hi Bobokil, thanks for the reply.

    (2) Yeah, good point about taking into consideration the owner of the territorry.

    True, if for example, you attack his bunker, and you decide that you need to retreat, he can catch you up, but he will need to move outside of his bunker for that. So not every situation in enemy territorry is hopeless. Also, enemy player must actually issue order to move his armies to chase you, which will not happen always.

    (3) Sorry i don't quite understand this :-/

    (4) Yeah, but you can't always look from the point of view of good players. New players also must be given a chance to play this game, and to correct their mistakes. Otherwise, new players will just say "stupid game" and quit. It's important to attract new players. Most of my games that i play is already a graveyard of inactive players...

    I was thinking, the artillery is definately not fair against the offline players.

    I get to know the habbits of my opponent (when he goes to sleep) and then by morning i destroyed something like 250 of his troops with 11 artillery units. They were just sitting there (drinking tea or koffee, i guess)

    I was thinking to add one special rule:

    - Non-moving troops receive 50% damage from the artillery. (Which may be logical, if they hide and you don't know their exact locaiton)

    - Moving troops receive 100% of damage. (because "they are in the open")

    - If you bombard units that are in combat, targeted units receive 75% of damage, while other troops also receive 25% of damage from bombardment.

    What are your thoughts about this?

    I really miss more information when i get notification about "army lost".

    It's important when you have small armies acting like scouts, especially at sea.

    It would be nice to have:

    - Location where the combat occured (when i click on notification)

    - Number of troops lost, and information about the enemy army involved.

    This is the only way how we can identify the submarines attack, or can be helpfull to detect large enemy invasion by ground, since they can be in the fog of war when they kill your troops.

    I would like to suggest the option to be able to retreat your units from combat.

    How it works:

    - When your units are in combat, you have the new option "retreat".

    - Unlike "move" command, when you select "retreat" your units will stop fighting, and will have to wait for the next enemy attack(s), already in progress, to resolve.

    - After you suffer the last hit from the enemy units, your army will detach from combat and continue the movement.

    - Enemy units what were engaged in combat should be stopped for a while (5 minutes for example) so the retreating armies can actually escape and make a distance from them, in case enemy units also had the order to move in the same direction.

    What do you think?