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    No laboratory is required for warships. A laboratory is needed to create and research: a heavy bomber, a heavy tank, a battleship and a railway gun.

    Plus, you missed a lot of important units. For example, chemical weapons. It works great and has several secret functions that make it a powerful unit regardless of its level.

    In this game, there are only a few "extra" units, which are rarely used by anyone. Otherwise, the player must have all the necessary units for the normal conduct of hostilities.

    Faced this problem;

    Almost all types of buildings have been built in the city. Because of this, I cannot see the full list of that buildings in the region, since the 3rd row (the lowest row of buildings) is behind the screen. I had to significantly reduce the expansion of the game in order to see the full list of buildings. This is problematic when almost all of your regions are fully developed.

    The same thing happens in Supremasy 1914. This is hardly a bug. If you are a beginner, you are credited with experience once every few days. When you already have a high level, the level will be awarded to you every day

    The 84-player match has disappeared since the new Empires Fall. I don't know the exact reason for the missing 84 player match, but I can guess; it is likely that the developers removed this match in order to concentrate the players on the new map. So that they actively play on it, notice errors and shortcomings, and then report it to the developers. If so, then the decision is quite wise.

    Now the match for 84 players is not available and no one can enter it. However, for several days in a row, I am asked to enter an 84-player match for gold. Is this a bug? Is this a defect? I don’t know, but it’s unlikely that anyone else would have played in that match. Hence it follows that the meaning of this tablet disappears. I'll leave it to the developers. They know better whether this is a mistake or a temporary measure.

    Another bug.

    There are 9 players in the match. Only a few of them are active, but this is not important. The main menu shows that there are 19 players in the match. Why? No idea. Perhaps this is a bug.

    Also, what is the amount of lumber I should buy in order to overcome shortage? I should do it every day? What is the appropriate moment of the day to do so?

    Hover over the tree. It should be written to you in how many hours your supply of wood will run out. Buy the resource when you leave the game about your business, for example, sleep. This should be done so that at night your country does not suffer from a shortage of wood, otherwise a loss of fighting spirit will begin, which is not good

    I repeat; you can cover the cost of buying wood by selling other resources. In one of the matches I had no coal at all. I was selling grain and using the money I received to buy coal. This is how I solved my problem. I hope I described everything in detail and clearly

    I've been playing for over a year now, but in all my gaming practice, I have never made peace with bots. They say it is possible. You change diplomatic status with the bot from war to peace and wait for the bot to calm down and do the same. I couldn't do it, so maybe it's a rumor

    Buying a resource for silver. If there is no silver, then you can play on the exchange: sell the resource that you have in abundance at a bargain price on the exchange. Use the proceeds to buy the resource you need. You can also exchange resources with your allies / neutral countries. Players quite often agree to such exchanges.

    You can reduce the consumption of steel in the "resources" section, then the production of timber should increase. In addition, buildings are used to produce resources. For example, a railway gives an increase in the production of the resource in which it is built. It's the same with factories ...

    Hello! Since you are reading this, it means that you are interested in this topic, and this is good. I have a question for you: what do you miss the most in the game? Think before you answer, but for now I will tell you what I am missing.

    To be honest, I miss the official Discord for the game. You have no idea how many options regular players will have when the OFFICIAL Discord arrives. Can I give you some suggestions? No problem!

    - Communication. Yes, communication. It is much easier and more informative to communicate there than in the game chat. In addition, there you can communicate not only with ordinary players, but also with moderators, administrators, and so on.

    - Game guides. Over time, guides will appear in this game, which will be published on the official Discord channel. Anyone could read the instructions and learn something new for themselves. All the guides will be gathered in one place, isn't it cool?

    - RP matches. The official Discord channel will make it easier for you to find players looking to play RP matches. I think the creation of such matches will be promoted because Supremacy 1 The Great War is great for RP games. I personally find that no Bytro game is as well suited for RP play as this one.

    - General matches. What will prevent players from agreeing and going to a private match? Administrators can create a match. In such matches, it will be possible to hold some kind of tournaments or something like that. Personally, I'm tired of playing every match with bots. I want to play with live players. And in such matches, players will be active! Isn't that interesting? Everyone will be able to test their ability to think tactically and act like a real general of that time.

    - Recruitment into trade unions. It will be several times easier for alliance leaders and officers to recruit people into their alliances. This will give a big leap forward in the development of game alliances. Consequently, alliances will compete with each other in the ability to play => alliance battles will take place. And that's great. Do you like? Yes, for me.

    - Much more. It makes no sense to describe everything that can be done on the official Discord channel. You can take my word for it: it will be great there.

    Now share your opinion. You like the idea, or maybe not. If against, then why. Don't be shy. Together we can make the game better! ;):thumbup:

    Hello to all. Today I will describe a bug that operates not only here, but also in Supremasi 1914. It's strange why it hasn't been fixed yet. Perhaps, no one knows about it, or no one described this bug. In any case, I have not seen this on the forum, so I decided to describe it myself.

    Let's get started.

    We go into any of our active matches. Everything is fine, we are playing our match. We decide to quit the match and see something in the game menu.

    Next, I do something in the game menu. In my case, I go to the "rating" and click on a random player. His statistics are revealed to me. I looked at the statistics of a player and decided to return to my match.

    I go back to my match, but what do I see? I see a picture that is blocking my match for me. It won't disappear if you wait. It won't go away no matter what you do. One way is to log out of the match and restart the game to re-enter the same match. I have known about this bug for a long time, but sometimes I even fall into this trap.

    Perhaps this error exists because it cannot be fixed. Or maybe the developers just don't know about it. Anyway, I reported this error

    Have a nice day, everyone! ;)