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    It looks like I'm ready to take stock of the Russian Empire.

    My ancestors lived in Russia. I live in Russia. The history of this country is close to me and I know it relatively.

    I just thought I could help. I found some free time and finally wrote everything.

    I have provided an exhaustive list of cities. At least, I did not find more errors and inaccuracies in the Russian Empire. It should be noted that I did not pay attention to the very location of the cities. I only looked for city names. It is possible that some cities are in the wrong place or not entirely accurate. I could take the time to check each city, but only if in the future.

    Buffer zones. Very well done. I have no more complaints about this. If necessary, the players themselves can recreate the historical boundaries of that time, they only need to fix a few buffer states.

    Do I like playing for the Russian Empire? Honestly, I do not know. Every time I go to Fall of Empires, the player is always busy with Russia. But I think it is fun to play and it will be a real challenge for an experienced player. In general, the country suits me. My review was mainly aimed only at drawing attention to inaccurate city names.

    I repeat; I live in Russia, and the history of this country is close to me. In the future, I can and will continue to look for inaccuracies and bugs on the territory of the Russian Empire, on the map The Fall of Empires. To be honest, it's easy for me to do this, and in the process it becomes interesting for me to do it myself. Together we can make the game better! ;):thumbup:

    PS. It would be nice if you considered the possibility of creating Kronstadt :saint:

    Batumi. Until 1936, the city was called Batum.

    Stavropol. Until 1935, the city was called Stavropol-Caucasian.

    Elista. City status was granted in 1930

    Segezha. It was founded in 1914, but the status of the city was awarded only in 1943.

    Murmansk. The city was founded in 1916 and was called Romanov-on-Murman.

    Salekhard. Until 1933 the city was called Obdorsk.

    Novosibirsk. Until 1926 the city was called Novo-Nikolaevsk.

    Neryungri. The city was founded in 1975.

    Aldan. The city was founded in 1923.

    Magadan. It was founded in 1929. The status of the city was awarded in 1939.

    Anadyr. Until 1934 it was called Novo-Mariinsk.

    Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Until 1924, it was called the Petropavlovsk Port.

    Baikovo. (Kurile Islands). I hear this name for the first time. I tried to find out information about the city from the Internet, but unfortunately I couldn't find anything. Most likely, only a village could have had such a name.

    Donetsk. Until 1924 it was called Yuzovka.

    Dnieper. Until 1926 it was called Yekaterinoslav.

    He patrolled first. This gives a huge advantage

    The first to achieve air superiority wins. Once I also faced this problem and did not know why my fighters were so worthless and could not defeat anyone. But then my companions explained to me

    Yes, you can only play with bots. To do this, you need to create a private match with a password. Only you will know the password, which means that the players will not come to you and you will be all alone, playing with bots

    Only those players who are playing for the first time have 20 infantry units in the region. Moreover, newcomers have 1 artillery squad. 10 infantry squads in the region only have players who have already played 2 or more matches

    Abakan. The city was founded in 1931. Until 1931, the village was called Ust-Abakanskoye. In fact, until 1931, it was not a city and did not have any key role.

    Abakan is worth celebrating at Call of War. Here it should be called, at least, the village of Ust-Abakansky. Although it would be strange to see some village on the map ...

    Frunze (city). This is absurd ...

    Mikhail Vasilyevich Frunze - revolutionary, Soviet statesman, military leader of the Red Army during the Civil War. Are you saying that the monarchical state named the city after the revolutionary communist?

    Until 1926 the city was called Pishpek. Then it was renamed Frunze, in honor of that very revolutionary. In 1991, the city was renamed Bishkek. This name is preserved to this day.


    It's fashionable now to talk about Great Britain, on the Fall of Empires map, but ... what about the Russian Empire? In fact, I'm surprised that no one has yet written a review of this huge country, because there is something to write about.

    The very first thing I would like to say (rather ask) is Finland.

    - What's wrong with Finland? What were the developers guided by when they made a separate state out of Finland? My knowledge of history is not so great, but at least I know that Finland was part of the Russian Empire, at least until 1917. Judging by the borders of the countries, I can judge that this card is valid for 1914. But again, then why is Finland not part of the Russian Empire?

    I was not lazy and counted how many regions the Empire would have if Finland was added to it. The number of regions was 91. (82 + 9 regions in Finland). * Great Britain has 98 regions.

    My questions didn't end there ... unfortunately. Krasnodar! Why Krasnodar? I personally don't know.

    Historical reference *. Yekaterinodar was renamed Krasnodar only after the civil war in Russia.

    The year is 1914, which means that there is not even talk about any civil war in Russia. Therefore, the city is now called Yekaterinodar, not Krasnodar! If you do not take my word for it, I ask you to check my words yourself, and you will make sure that I am not lying.

    - Rostov ... Did you know that Rostov is a city in the Yaroslavl Region? The city, located on the shores of the Azov Sea, is called not “Rostov”, but “Rostov-on-Don”. It is named so because it is located on the Don River.

    This is not a small thing. It's like confusing London with Paris

    - Almaty. Error again. Before the civil war in Russia, the city was called Verny. In 1918 the city was captured by the Bolsheviks and renamed Alma-Ata. Only after the collapse of the USSR, the city was renamed Almaty. But back to our map ... 1914, which means that there can be no question of any Alma-Ata, not to mention "Almaty".

    - Kyzyl. Why is the city of Kyzyl not part of the Russian Empire? Why did you name the city like that?

    The city was founded in 1914 by Russian settlers. His name is Belotsarsk. Not Kyzyl.

    1914-1917 - Belottsarsk

    1921-1944 - Kyzyl

    1944-1991 - Kyzyl

    Since 1991 - Kyzyl

    Guys, this is 1914. The city is now called "Belottsarsk".

    - Kronstadt. Why wasn't it mapped? This is the most important port city of the Russian Empire, which played a key role during this period. Not putting such a legendary city on the map is tantamount to stealing a lot of fun and realism from the roleplayers.

    To be honest, I felt hurt when I did not find Kronstadt on the map.

    A lot can be said about Kronstadt, so I will not give historical information about it. If you wish, you can find out the history of this city from the Internet yourself.


    I didn't spend a lot of time looking for bugs in this country. However, this time was enough for me to find many shortcomings and historical inaccuracies. Well ... if the developers hear me and listen, they can make the territory of the Empire precise and immersive. They can also write to me for advice if they need them. I will be happy to help

    PS. This card will be 100% used by future RP players. Consequently, it must correspond to that historical period. This card has potential, it only needs to be completed.

    PS 2.0. I will add here information about the inaccuracies of the Russian Empire as I myself learn them.


    I remembered. I suggest the following: when an alliance sends an invitation to a player, he receives a letter to his account notifying him of this. Now this letter does not come and the players have no idea that they are being invited to alliances at all. Letters like these would make life easier for the alliance leader and his officers.

    Hello. In this thread I will reveal several bugs / shortcomings and other little things at once. Let's get started:

    1. Game Manual. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or rank first in the ranking of players. In the upper right corner of the screen you must have a Game Manual shortcut. This label does not always appear, but nevertheless often. Personally, it bothers me and I am not satisfied with its location. It is absolutely impossible to turn it off, absolutely (I tried it). You can turn off game tips in the settings, but this shortcut will still appear occasionally.


    2. Game hints. God, what an annoying sign ... It appears almost always when you enter a match. That being said, I turned off game prompts a long time ago. It is simply impossible to disable this sign in the settings, and therefore you always have to close it yourself. Fun fact: if you turn off the moment it first appeared, it will reappear. What does it mean? This means that if you turn off this sign too quickly, it will appear endlessly and will not allow you to play the game. A very annoying bug that I don't like at all


    3. Purchase of resources for gold. I don’t know if this is a bug, but I didn’t like it ... I clicked on the icon for buying grain for gold, for fun. What happened next? I lost my gold and bought a resource that I don't need at all. My complaint is the following: when you buy a resource for silver (not gold), then you will see a plate where you select the size of the purchase - this is a very convenient plate. But what prevents the introduction of the same plate for the purchase of resources for gold? Why can't I choose the size of the purchase when I pay in gold? I do not like this bug and I hope that after reading this post you will never fall into this trap and do not waste your gold in vain, as I did.


    4. Grenadier. Have you seen grenadiers often used by players? Me not. To be honest, I've never seen players use this unit. As for me, it is simply not needed with its current characteristics. I propose the following: introduce a very small attack radius for the grenadiers. Machine Gunners have a good attack range and are used by players quite often. What prevents the grenadiers from making the attack radius 2-3 times less than that of machine gunners? I think in this case this unit would have enjoyed at least some popularity among the players.


    5. Bug with nicknames. Do you want to prevent your nickname from showing on the map? Easy! I can do this and have been practicing such a bug since the game Supremasi 1914. The game has not yet been localized into Russian. If you enter any letter from the Russian alphabet instead of your nickname in a match, your nickname will disappear from the map. It would seem that this problem will disappear when the game is localized into Russian ... but you are wrong. Supremasi 1914 has long been localized into Russian, but this bug is still alive there. Most of the letters from the Russian alphabet are localized there, except for the letter Ё. Consequently, having localized Supremasi 1 The Great Var into Russian, there will be exactly the same problem with this letter. I ask the developers to pay attention to this aspect and finally add this letter to the Russian localization.

    Retreat. How I used this bug: I entered the match and immediately changed my nickname to the letter Ё. Consequently, the rest of the map players think that a bot is playing for my country, since the nickname is not shown above the flag. But this is not the case. And I used it. I hit the rear of the players and they were perplexed and only later found out that all this time I was an active player, not a bot. Here you can do exactly the same trick.



    7. Loading screen. This is not a bug, but rather my wish. In Call of Var, the loading screen is brightened up with several different pictures. It's a small thing, but somehow I like such a small thing. Why not introduce several different loading screens into our game that will alternate? There are a whole bunch of interesting pictures about the First World War. Request 2: it would be nice to see pictures on the loading screen that narrate not only the events of the Western Front, but also the Eastern Front (Russia versus Germany and Austria-Hungary), as well as other theaters of military operations.

    (Examples of possible pictures)





    8. Also not a bug, but my wish. Introduce a new icon to the diplomacy screen to represent players who are inactive in a match. At the moment, this icon does not exist in the game, although it is badly needed. In the same way, you can enter the icon of inactive players on the map, as it was done in Supremasi 1914. I think this is necessary (Screenshot. All players are inactive except me. However, their badges say they are active in the match.)


    I have been planning to write this post for a long time, but there was no time. Today I pulled myself together and finally did it. It seems like everything ... although I probably forgot about 1-2 bugs, which I also wanted to write about. However, I can point to them in the future, in my new posts. I wish all players good luck on the battlefields!

    (Like, if you didn’t notice that point 6 is missing in my post ;))

    To be honest, during my non-long-term playing here, I still haven't met an experienced player. Players lose to bots ...

    And those who manage to defeat the bots are at war with the rest of the players on the tactics of "spam conscripts" ...:/


    Comrade, the Motherland is looking at you! The Central Committee of the CPSU sees you as a Komsomol member and a brave communist, as well as the party pinning great hopes on you! In this difficult time, the Party desperately needs comrades like you! There is no time to explain for a long time, "THE MOTHERLAND IS CALLING!"

    Are you playing Supremacy 1 The Great War?

    - Do you have a discord?

    - Are you good online?

    - Are you a seasoned gamer, or a rookie looking to learn the basics of martial arts?

    - Do you want to play along with your comrades, helping each other and glorifying the deeds of the party?

    - Comrade, what are you waiting for? The Party is pinning its hopes on you! We are waiting for you in our ranks of the Red Alert alliance! Rather, take your rifle and run into the trench to your comrades, because the evil capitalists are attacking again!


    Now more seriously. The alliance was created recently and I am the only member there so far. Before playing S:1, I played for a long time in S:1914 and had my own alliance there, in which there were experienced players. My interest in the game disappeared and I decided to move on to play here.

    The alliance is international and we will be glad to see comrades from all countries.


    There is nothing more to say. The comrades and the Party have high hopes for you.


    I disagree. There is no balance on this map from the very beginning, which is good. Each country is good in its own way and needs a special approach. In particular, the UK only needs experienced players. In my personal experience, playing for Britain, first of all (the first 10-20 days of the game), you should start strengthening the economy and the army, without getting involved in any wars. In general, playing for Britain is really difficult.

    In Africa, sooner or later, South Africa will begin to seize its possessions. Iran / China / Indonesia claims India. Possessions in South America are being attacked by South American countries and so on.

    If they told me to write tips for playing this map, then I would definitely add the item "do not play for big countries". Playing for small countries, you only have advantages, you can deal with your economy and army for a long time. And at this time, large countries cannot concentrate on something specific, because they border on many countries, most of which just want to take a tidbit from their country. Playing as a small country, you will not meet this. At first, you will be underestimated and ignored at all. But the hour "X" has come. You have a powerful economy, a large army and you are completely ready to take over the world. You easily capture 2-3 large countries in a day and the rest of the map players will notice you. Moreover, they start to fear you. Some unknown guy playing for some small country took over several states with minimal losses. Agree, it would alert you

    I personally play now for Romania and my match went according to the scenario as I indicated earlier. Now I have the first place and will certainly be the winner of that match. And most importantly, I play without anyone's help, I play without coalitions. (I think I'm showing off ^^)