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    Hey so I was just wondering who I would contact to get a card for a private game to be made. I'm part of a group of players who had a roleplay game set up but when we got the game it ended up being 5 days old and many of the nation's were unplayable. Our old group leader just kinda went silent and I'm hoping to salvage the situation and get a working rp going. We waited 3 weeks for the broken game so I'm hoping we don't have to wait as long for a new one.

    So I'm part of a server that was going to be playing an rp game and we ended up waiting nearly 3 weeks for it to be made after getting a card. When we finally got the email from bytro staff with the game id and password we found that the game had already been running for 5 days and the in-game ai nations had been fighting wars against themselves. When we tried to join the game we found that many nations were unplayable including most of the majors. When the first 9 players joined the round we found that the game was saying 22 players were in and at that point we decided the game was unplayable. I'm really hoping that we can get a new fresh game made for us since we waited so long for ours to be made. This has been a huge disappoinment for the players in our server and hopefully someone from Bytro can check on this and make sure

    me and some friends wanted to play a private game with some rp thrown in and I was wondering if their is a way to host a game. I know in other Bytro games if you have high command you can host private games but that doesn't seem to be the case for Supremacy 1.

    any help is appreciated thanks :)