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    Attention, Generals!

    I am back with some new content 😈


    • The Province List on mobile devices was reworked.
      • The province list allows sorting by attributes like “currently producing” (units), “currently building” (buildings), morale, name, or resource.
      • Clicking the province name in the list leads you to the province info popup.
      • Clicking the location icon let's you navigate to the respective province on the map.

    Tbh not sure what to say on this.

    New look:


    Now to select on white square 🔲 to select that province

    3 provinces per page(or on screen at a time)

    More Details like spies buildings etc.

    old look:


    5 provinces per page

    Can only see daily output, morale, construction and production

    To select province just tap province bar/line (whatever you call it)

    Well loved this one but it becomes hard to manage province in new look if you have more provinces like here I have 40+ and I have to scroll a lot to find provinces

    (Well it's gonna be good if you guys add search province option in mobile and add a feature which help us to differentiate province on the basis of output(double resource/single resources) or location (Border province 😊😝)


    Loved this one thanks 😍

    When a building is damaged, the building icon in the province bar and province details screen now highlights the damage with a red tint and a ‘damaged’ icon.

    IMG_20201122_214742.jpg   IMG_20201122_214821.jpg

    Thanks for this I deny to say anything on it

    But one question why it shows every building of enemy/neutral player damaged including capital (except harbors and sometimes railways)?

    • The game admin functionality in game scenarios was removed, as it was hardly ever used by players assigned as admin in a game round, or was often misused.

    Dude 😬 now how I am supposed to kick inactives players are bugging me to kick inactives and invite se new player.

    You guys keep removing features and forget to add an alternate feature of that everytime.

    • A bug on mobile devices was fixed that could prevent selecting multiple provinces from working correctly. When adding additional provinces to a selected province, the newly added provinces are now highlighted correctly again and the multi army selection mode is no longer activated.

    can u explain this especially that multi army selection thing.

    Thank for sparing your time and keep it up bytro loved this update.

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    U missed supremacy 1914 (revamp version) dude

    well if you guys ( Bytro Labs  Arcorian  Alkyonor  Slyx freezy  Akiar ) can answer these two question then we don't need any changes in this ui (for unit view system). If not then it clearly means you guys have to change this (I can suggest some ideas)

    It's upto you guys whether you take it as a challenge or ignore it (But remember everyone waiting for your answer and it's ignorance will confirm that you guys are not willing to make changes in ui and don't care for community feedback).




    Revamp is also harder to use by skilled players ... it doesn't allow precise calculations and troops movement. so removing legacy will get rid of the rest of us. simple as that.

    ahh revamp is very messy and harmful for processor (currently) but I have observed they are working on it(worse than I expected). Graphic level is reduced sea route dots are back(not effectively) well hope so they will consider our reviews on revamp and work on it (maybe by 2025 or later).

    I would say that Bytro doesn't want competitive gaming

    they do not prefer skilled players as skilled player can massacre 496 other players on 500 map and win single handed. this is not how you do a good business as people simply run of the map or fill lots of reports about cheating with scripts ... whatever. if you do not understand game mechanic - everything will be a cheat

    point is that since introduction of HNR focus was on activity vs GMs as activity is generating more GMs than skilled players and causes less tickets and tensions on maps. This is why we do not have any mechanics to protect our troops during afk against HNR.

    well you know if you are dominating and encounter a whale so he/she will throw a good amount of gm to crush more gm =more money for bytro= more whale friendly/pay2win rules= frustrated and angery players =mass quit

    And u know how to counter HnR don't you?

    So removing legacy will get rid of the rest of us. simple as that.

    Time to change game mates

    Good luck have fun

    tbh I havent met a good player since 2017 so i guess all pro-players have already left. And even that single individual was the first instance of a good player since 2015. I see only HNR lvl 1 - the most basic strategy. very disappointing.

    thing is no one knows about existence of exploits who knows don't want tell others to maintain their supremacy and who try find is either crushed or not get a good guidance to find them (so knowledge remains limited).I know the level of player which you are finding and I believe that it gonna be very hard for you to find that kind of player as you know what kind of players we have now a days (refrence to the recent maps) and staff is being very supportive.