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    There is way to make peace with ai.change your relation to peace and start working on increasing your global popularity. You need to match popularity level of that ai to make ai think about changing their relation with you. I have used this a lot of time and its work (if it stops sending troops to your territory).

    He patrolled first. This gives a huge advantage

    The first to achieve air superiority wins. Once I also faced this problem and did not know why my fighters were so worthless and could not defeat anyone. But then my companions explained to me

    I know about this thing but I ordered my fighters to attack not to patrol so it means Damage is received by both sides. And as quoted earlier i was able to shot down one of his patrolling fighter at 100% with my 1 fighter at 100%.

    Here I was attacking that patrolling fighter and I got the following results:

    >In first round my fighters lost more morale as they were down to 70% and enemy fighter was down to 75%

    > when my fighters left his patroll area after first round for refueling enemy fighter was down to 33% and mine fighters morale become 83%

    >in next round I lost one fighter

    It took me 3 rounds to kill his fighters

    Can anyone explain me what exactly happened here? (No signs of gm usage)

    I play small maps like 31p and 10p maps on my iPad. And best thing is playing 10p map for 15minutes make my ipad so hot that It make system to do a force shutdown for cool down. But this thing doesn't happens while playing other games like COD:mobile and pubg. I request devs to fix this issue.( I tried every possible change in settings of my iPad).b78//+