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    The province administrator is showing different resources then the actual provinces is.

    I just stopped the construction of a lvl 2 barracks because I thought it was a single coal province and actually it is a double grain.

    Feels bad :D

    Could someone explain everything about spies in extreme detail to me.

    I am looking for tactical ways to use them and what they do exactly.

    I really hate those speed rounds. I'm so used to normal speed that I used to be late when there are critical decisions to be taken.

    Of course, that's my subjective view. Objectively speaking, those round give variety to the game.

    I think for players who are maybe on spring, winter, or summer break will love speed rounds.

    It will give them the option to play the game they love knowing they only have so much time to actually do it.

    I know a good amount of the game population is college students.

    There is a bug for the newspaper for high command users.

    You can upload a picture and it shows as something entirely different.

    Reloaded a few times and it finally fixed it.

    Still a nasty thing.

    I have joined two of these rounds so far.

    Both games are about to open up attacks.

    This thread is to toss idea's back and forth about the mode.

    It is also for discussion about what the community thinks about it.

    So far I have noticed a greater amount of information being gathered much faster.

    Things that are not really noticed in slower modes.

    Like if someone has a barracks on a double resource province.

    I love the fact that I can see things happening much faster.

    Note this round requires more time but that is really up to the user to join a speed round or not.

    As I said before the round is brand new so I will be adding my impressions as it goes forward.

    <3 I hope others have feedback as well. <3

    A button to delete all received messages would be nice :)

    So you could clean up your conversation without selecting all the defeared players.


    I think that will be a good addition as well.

    Sometimes the inbox gets cluttered.

    it was a feature as many were asking for it, pointed out nobody really used it

    not sure if i'd like to see countries with names like - takethislandia

    I think with the update I have seen a lot more new faces in chat in general.

    Maybe it was a chat issue.

    Might be worth a revisit.

    My opinion of goldmarks is the same as it has always been.

    I do not agree with instant build.

    I do not agree with province morale hits.

    I do not agree with instant troop locations.

    I do not agree with instant building destruction.

    I do not agree with anything that allows a paid user to steamroll a free user in anyway.

    I would rather see an advertisement then have a month worth of work be credit card destroyed.

    (The Worst Feeling In The Entire Game)

    With that said this is how I think goldmarks should be used.

    Creation of a in-game shop would be great.

    Let players pay to buy unit looks.

    Fort looks things of this nature.

    Give us the tools to show off that we support the game without the ability to instant win a war if we choose.

    I buy high command and get nothing besides a chat box and a sticker.

    I surely don't buy it because I get anything good from it.

    Yes build ques are nice.

    Rally points are cool.

    However In my months of using high command I have never been able to be idol in a game long enough for those perks to really matter.

    I would rework everything about High Command.

    I would remove the things above.

    I would allow goldmarks to be used to buy resources (A Huge Perk Already)

    Shift the model from heavy handed victory to a more cosmetic in-game shop

    I am all for supporting the game.

    I love this game but I also love the community free or paid users.

    The following is a list of user suggestions I have seen in chat.
    Anyone is welcome to take these suggestions and match/relist them else where.

    • Custom Nation Names
    • Custom Nation Colors
    • Custom Outline Colors (For Troop Movements)
    • Legacy Unit Graphics Mode (In New System)
    • Legacy Troop Stacking Icons (In New System)
    • Custom Game Chat Colors/Fonts
    • Local Chat For Game Matches
    • Paper Tabs (Instead Of The Tiny Short Icons Currently)
    • Smaller Icons On Province Administrator (So They Don't Have To Scroll Forever With Big Empires To Find A Province)
    • More Contrast On The Map
    • Have Units On Top Of The City Not With The Icons Off To The Side (Position Issues)
    • In Resources Tab Being Able To Type In A Custom Percent (Instead Of Using Sliders)
    • Background Behind The Day Change Timer (Issues Reading Over Some Map Colors)
    • Diplomatic Conversation Not Going To The Newest Message (Have The Messages Show The Bottom Of The Conversation)
    • A Button To Delete All Received In Game Messages
    • Custom Chat Window Size (Corner Resize)
    • Ability To Remove The Attack And Move Icons From The UI In Settings (Red Attack Icon / Blue Move Icon)

    These are from chat mainly.

    Will update this as I see more.

    For all forum suggestions post in:


    Please a new legacy icon on the website.

    So us chat warriors don't have to explain it as many times.

    Further trouble shooting on my end.

    I thought maybe it wasn't my system at all and maybe it was the browser.

    Google Chrome being the 1# most used browser in the United States.

    It is a Google Chrome based Issue.

    I loaded all of my games on FireFox and all the graphics and icons have loaded correctly.

    I closed the games and the entire browser and loaded the game again same result.