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    After being frustrated with the attrition nonsense and taking about two weeks of the game, I've decided to give it another try. So I join the Battleground Europe map and, to my astonishment, I found my new country, Ile-de-France, already occupied by insurgents, ON DAY ONE!!!!!!!

    To makes matters worse, the occupied provinces are the ones producing cotton and food!!!!!!!

    How does this makes a good experience for a game I have no idea, but I hope someone from the development team comes up with a good explanation on how to ruin a perfectly nice game concept with these "brilliant" ideas.

    Until this mess is fixed, I'm taking a longer time out.


    Chicken Chaser.

    I'm running Linux RHEL 8.0 and using Chrome as my browser. Map for game 3389241 doesn't load. All other windows appear to work, but the map itself doesn't load. Additionally, if I move the mouse around, the pop-ups are probably not right as well, as it from time to time say " River" and there are no rivers on the map for Tutorial.