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    I am experiencing a strange issue with one opponent. He has a group of 20 artilleries, troops and a couple of heavy tanks. I am facing him with a large group of men, artilleries and four separate smaller groups (8-4-1-1) of troops and when he fires his artilleries, he manages to hit all five groups in a timeframe of 5 minutes, destroying all four small groups and even fires the artilleries some minutes later on my main group causing 9 casualties.

    I have to add that all groups except two of them (which were closer to one another) were separated by long distances on separate roads. As far as I know one group of artillery can only focus one group and shoot once before the cooldown starts. Here, it appeared as if the cooldown was restarting one minute back in time.

    Do I miss something here? I have never seen that it was possible for a single group of artillery to fire at different groups and/or reset the cooldown. I join a copy of the infos so that you can seen the result of the first four shots. and a print screen of the situation. Former location of the units is marked in green.

    Thank you for your help. I'd like to understand what is happening here.