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    Please Revert this all. I will make my statement short as possible.

    I first joined the Game in Early November 2018. It has almost been 2 years, in those 2 years I had the best times of my life on the game, playing with others. These 2 years, Bytro kept the game same and well. Until the updates, every update has hit me harder every time. Each hit made me lose hope in the continuation of the game. So I ask, please revert these changes, or at least give us ways to toggle them on and off. So please for the troop collisions in the sea and the trading limits, add options for us to edit. If these aren't implemented or the updates are reverted, people will lose hope in the Bytro line of online browsing gaming. So, this is it, Bytro's last chance to redeem themselves, I hope the staff consider this. Well this is a possible bye, depending on how future updates go, many will leave like me.

    Is it wolfpacking if, 3 people join a game and one joins your coalition. Then your coalition goes to war with the 2 other people then the third one in my coalition betrays me and attacks me?