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    Hello everyone,

    I recently asked myself why battleships and cruisers need coal to be built ? At that time the majority of ships used coal and as such wouldn't it be better if this ressource was needed to build them instead of oil ?

    I think this could be a good change because it would make coal a much more strategic ressource (a part from building railroads nothing can be done with it.).

    Hello everyone.

    I remember back in the days a trade option that allowed me to give armies to other people. This prooved quit useful in some situations (no time to play, make a single pack of planes instead of two, not getting "invcolved" officially against a rival...).

    Do you know why it was erased?

    Thanks in advance,


    Firstly, thanks for such a complete answer.

    I totally agree with what you say. Diplomacy is the true key in that game and in a war of attrition, it is industrial capacity that will make the difference.

    However, the game I'm talking about is a game only with friends I know in real life, it means a different way of playing. If a got involved in those wars it is because if no one stopped america, It would have eaten two countries and become to powerful for me after that.

    We managed to "stop" them at the natural borders of France, but it is only a matter of time before they get ride of us. They have much more oil production and as I said, use goldmarks.

    Well, they actually understood our strategy because Libya was in the messenger group where we decided what to do and shared intelligence... But I agree with you, spies are one of the most important assets of each war.

    Hello everyone, recently I started a private game with 11 friends to have some good fun together on "the great war". The idea was to play in a cool attitude. There was no idea of being competitive. But the game turned into a nightmare...

    Now the world is cut in half, and two main alliances are present : America + Canada vs England, France and Lithuania (me) (with libya that took all north africa, a big greece and an austria kept neutral.). As America as taken a piece of africa we propose Libya to join us the time to push him back to the sea.

    We began this war to avoid the americans from snowballing and ending the game easily. But soon, something strange happen: they seem to understand all our strategies and traps, they push back all our attacks and even know the positions of many of our spies. Even more surprisingly, even if we have more industrial capacities, they send again and agin new units. We who just took the greeland are pushed back with heavy losses (almost all our navy.). But there is no problem as we still have a massive airfleet to protect our shores.

    This morning, the confederates launch a total attack in libya. Our planes are called to save our ally. But then... Treason ! Libya destroys all our planes as they are on the ground and began attacking France. He had from the beginning joined the americans and now we are in a precary position as the other want to stay neutral or join their side. We are facing an overhelming fleet, air superiority and a triple amphibious assault in norway, england and spain (france).

    In fact, you are going to tell me it's war, and yes it is. But what I learned is that they used many many goldmarks to build their fleets and army as we were destroying them again and again. So now i'm just angry and i want to make them pay (not only $$). It's disgusting, we are trying to be smart and they just win with money and traitor... No honor! There was no challenge in this game as from the beginning they were playing with felony and GM.

    We are readying our defence for fortress europa but I see no victory for the moment. Even if we are going to use everything we can and know (micromanaging as much as we can, flower defense (thanks golden buddha :-), splitting when under fire, 30 minutes jump...). We are still in a bad shape...

    So I'm here to gather all the advices and ideas that you have to fight back. I'm not going to give up.

    I know exploits are big secrets kept in between alliances so i'm not asking you to give me them (unless it his a really known one.). But I also know it's pugnacity and good decision making that will make the difference. Many of you are really experimented and I need your help to beat those... (I cannot even say tcheaters are this game is based on a pay to win idea...)

    Thanks in advance and sorry for the english.