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    by the time you can use that many spies without getting in to trouble with your cashflow you could already have whiped a way that country without the use of spies...

    So what would be the use of changing the spy settings??

    Besides the fact that spies cost more money then they can steal (day profit of a city is less then the cost of the spy stealing it)

    ok with sabotage it can be very very annoying

    i have used 60 spies on one city... it took days to get them back to the stone age and worse a lot of spies got detected..

    in the end it costed so much i could have easily build 1500+ artilery that would have been much much more helpfull

    Ive been around for sometime and use legacy only lol. Yet its true lots of old players are gone or only online every now and then for just one game or so.

    Havent played a lot my self either the past 2 years or so though im still here and still playing..

    Still like the game. Besides the diffrences between legacy and not.. its the player that wins not the diffrence in versions

    Good players will still win as easy in either version.

    Legacy does not have much advantages besides, to me, nicer view and offcourse beeing used to it

    lol a good tactic? not really more like a last effort if all other fail and you lost your landbased units..

    though bombing his homecities so nothing remain standing and moral is very low is a good tactic..

    no buildings to enhance production.. no new units and hardly any production at all because of the moral will cripple them

    hmm your navy will gain points for you.. lowermoral in a city means less points from that city esp if theres not a building left standing

    Besides the fact you kill all units within range there for making your opponent weaker.

    Sure you need land units esp because most maps navy alone does not reach every city. Yet if moral gets to low the city might even become yours

    And the effect of bombing a city.. depends on firepower and time.. more fire power means less time till moral reaches 0% and less fire power means more time.. one cruiser... naa wont get it to 0% yet low enough to cause serious trouble

    10 battleships? less then 24 hours and the moral will have dropped way below the safe 34% moral

    ok global popularity at 40% is bad so the AI might have changed its settings and your autofire mode for art acted on that change..

    one thing you really have to keep in mind when using autofiremode...this can happen easily if your popularity is bad..

    Personaly i hate legacy to stop. I do understand the reasons though (yet the fact new players since 2018 can not use legacy was a writing on the wall they wanted to get ride of it as numbers not able to use it there for not using it would steeply increase and in time (2 years) outnumber the legacy fans)

    The fact we try to move the developers to move the new version more to legacy might not do wonders we do try

    we are here mostly for the players as link between bytro and the players. This however does not mean we can do miricales (ony on all hallows eve when we turn to super witches and vampires) we do try.. we do

    land forces are moved by ships.. transporters as you wish.

    These might be poorly armoured/armed yet they do have some protection

    Like said above already.. if you got enough weak fire power the total amount gets to be big

    Sure the losses on behave of the landbased units will be massive yet if you fire one gun at one point it wont do much dammage though 100.000 guns.. that will still do damage even to heavy armoured ships

    look at it this way:

    you send a warship towards a large fleet of comercial and passegerships.. some will ram your warship as they know they are dead anyway

    if the manage to get close enough (and in large numbers they will) they will board your warship and cause havoc if they are less in numbers they will still cause damage by ramming you..

    It takes forever to kill an elephant with cottonballs.. Yet it will die eventualy even if from boredom alone..